Pros And Cons of Online Degree

Is An Online Degree Right For You? Pros And Cons

Online degrees have been around for many years now. But, with all the changes the world is going through as of late, their popularity has soared even more. As their name implies, taking an online degree means your courses are done through a virtual platform rather than in a physical school setup.

Depending on their preferred mode, you can either meet your professors through live sessions or through delayed recordings. For many students, the online platform is the best option. Others, on the other hand, still have reservations about it.

But, taking together all the pros and cons, the most important thing to know is that online chemistry courses and other degrees aren’t any less effective than the ones you’ve completed at a traditional school. Of course, the pros and cons would depend on your needs, preferences, and even your lifestyle as a student.

Below, you’ll have a thorough discussion on the pros and cons of undertaking an online degree.

Pros of An Online Degree

These are the advantages of opting for an online degree:

It’s Convenient

If you ask students or proponents of the online learning system who swear by it, one of the main reasons they’ve become so drawn to this system like StraighterLine online humanities courses is the convenience. With an online degree system, many more individuals can now open their doors to learning simply because it comes with a more flexible time and convenient setup.

First off, you’re just at home. So, if you have familial and work obligations, you won’t have to be bothered by going to a physical store. The flexibility in time also enables you to juggle other responsibilities in your life, together with your education.

Now, your only excuse for not making it to class would be not going online. Convenience should be one of the top reasons students perform better at school.

It Instills Good Self-Discipline

Online degree students may tend to develop a lot more accountability early on in their university years than the usual university students do. The reason for this relates to the whole setup of an online degree. Students are on their own, completing their schedules. It’s unlike the traditional university, wherein you know you must be in certain classes at certain hours.

This training of self-discipline and accountability in their early years of education comes in handy when students enter the workforce. They’ll no longer have to struggle through the amount of workload thrown at them to finish.

It Provides More Access To Students

Perhaps, you’ve long wanted to complete your degree at a certain university abroad. But, where you’re from, it’s just not that feasible. It can be expensive to factor in the travel costs plus the added expenses of housing, among many others. With online learning, you can now study at overseas universities for as long as those schools offer an online learning system. This makes your dream school and degree more accessible now. 

Online Degree Pros And Cons

Cons of An Online Degree

On the other hand, these are the potential drawbacks of an online degree:

It Comes With Little To No Face-To-Face Interaction

Each student is different. Some are better off learning by themselves, on their own, while others do better when they have classmates. So, having them undertake an online learning method may not be the best choice. For social individuals, they should go to a physical university.

People need face-to-face interaction now and then, and students can be deprived of this, limiting their socialization skills. Remember that when students graduate from the university and become part of the workforce, the soft skills matter just as well as the academic capabilities so that it might be a big adjustment to now have to face other co-workers.

It Requires Strong Time Management Skills

If you don’t have inherently good time management skills, then it’s time for you to start developing them. You can’t succeed in finishing your online degree if you don’t have good time management skills. Remember that you’re on your own. You may not be as time-bound with a fixed schedule as in the physical university, but you still have deadlines to meet.

Once you’ve decided to go the online learning route, you should be ready for the commitment it comes along with. If not, you may only get lost in the frenzy of school work and readings you must complete. 


The pros and cons listed above aren’t yet exhaustive. But, all these form a good start in helping you shape your decision whether or not online learning is the best choice for you. It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your situation.

For as long as you’re sure that online learning is, in fact, the best mode of learning for you, then obtaining your degree won’t have to feel like a drag. Once you decide on online learning, be sure to couple this with hard work and good time management so that you, too, can be successful with online learning.

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