6 Memory Techniques to Learn New Languages

Using Memory to Learn Languages

Learning a new language is an enriching skill that you can acquire in your lifetime. There are many reasons why you may need to learn a new language.

For instance, you may need to learn a foreign language to take up a new job responsibility or to enjoy reading your favorite novel in the original language in which it was written.

However, learning a foreign language, particularly from scratch, can be very slow and difficult. Many language students confess that they cannot speak fluently or even carry out a basic conversation after studying it for many years.

Thanks to technology, mastering a new language is now faster than you can ever imagine. With the Memory self-service online service tools, you will be speaking and typing in your favorite language in no time.

What is Memory.com, and how does it work?

MEMORY.com is a free and accessible self-service online studying tool that can be used by anyone, including professionals, students, or casual users.

Once you sign in to the memory.com website, you can start by using the available courses by other users for quick practice, or you can build your own sets using personal learning materials.

Compared to other memory apps available in the market, Memory.com is a serious learning tool that not only allows you to learn a language quickly, but it’s also professional, and you can enter the terms you will need to study.

Once you have logged in and created a course, several learning modes will be available to start studying. Let’s look at some of the learning modes you can choose to learn languages on memory.com.

Use of Flashcards

Flashcards are a simple and proven method to learn and memorize a new language fast. Ideally, flashcards bear information on both sides, and this information aids in memorization. Each card bears the question and the answer on the other.

One major advantage of using flashcards is that they promote learning through active recall, a technique that allows your brain to learn very effectively. The more questions you answer correctly over time, the less you will need to use the flashcards.

Once you sign in on Memory.com, you can print out your cards in several formats. You will also be able to study on your desktop or mobile or mobile on auto-sync.


Practice makes perfect, especially when you are working on memorizing words in a foreign language.

When you practice the pronunciation of new words regularly, eventually, your mouth will naturally start moving in that position. The practice mode at Memory is very easy to use as it is based on your current ability.

Every time you answer a question, the system automatically schedules it for practice later based on your ability. This means that when you open the practice mode, all the due questions will pop up, and you will always be up to date on your studies.


The Custom mode at Memory lets you personalize your learning experience by choosing the modes you would like to see frequently and learning exactly the way you want.

This learning mode is perfect for advanced users who have mastered how the Memory system works.

You can decide on the balance of questions and answers and activate or deactivate any learning mode according to your preference.


Multiple choice questions and answers are a useful testing method for learning and practicing a foreign language. Ideally, the answers are intelligently generated, and you must select the right answer to test your memory.

Using the Multiple Mode at Memory, the questions will gradually increase in difficulty as you progress with your study, and the automated answer generation will keep you challenged.


One interesting thing you will realize on your journey to learning a foreign language is that typing makes you remember words faster than when using multiple choices alone.

At Memory.com, you will enjoy two typing modes audio mode, which enables you to type what you hear, and text mode, which allows you to type answers to the questions.

Your correctness and accuracy will be determined after several calculations to determine how good you are at each question.


The SMART model is an intelligent blend of all the modes based on your learning ability. If you are a new student and unsure where to start, SMART mode is a perfect choice.

When you begin your study, you’ll be given multiple-choice questions to build your base and once your skills improve, you will be moved to the other modes, such as typing and listening.

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