Medical Device Marketing: Five Principles

Medical Device Marketing: Five PrinciplesMarketing is the backbone of every business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling clothes or a medical device like Philips Everflo Oxygen Concentrator. You need to promote and advertise the product for sales.

However, you won’t market medical equipment the same way as clothes. It’s because the customer base is quite different. People who would buy medical devices include doctors, field experts, and patients.

They are smart, aware, and technical buyers. And so you do not have to grab attention but successfully convince them why your product is the best. To help you, we’ve discussed the top-5 principles of medical device marketing in detail below. Read more!

Plan & Document the Product Launch

It’s crucial to plan every stage of the marketing campaign for successful and measurable results. Begin by gathering the team of professionals and discussing the marketing objectives. Then, collect input from all and create a detailed execution method.

Some key points worth addressing include:

  • Resource availability & use
  • Task allocation
  • Progress tracking metrics
  • Budget

Once done, make sure you have everything documented. Paperwork will help maintain a record of your campaign for future references.

Determine the Timeline

The timeline of the product launch marketing can make or break the deal. It’s because the customer market is constantly evolving with demand and supply fluctuations. And so, while some times may be beneficial for sales, others are not.

Here are a few factors for determining the best timeline:

  • Technology

If you’re launching a new medical device technology, you will require a longer timespan to introduce, explain, and run pilot tests in the market. However, existing technology means you can skip the introduction and focus on promoting sales. Generally, the timeline can be anywhere from 3 to 9+ months.

  • Price

The buyer is likely to take more time when purchasing an expensive medical device than a cheaper one. So, if you’re selling premium devices, it’s best to set a longer timeline for more sales.

Use Evidence-Based Statistics

As mentioned, the customers for medical devices include hospitals, doctors, scientists, etc. They tend to be smart, analytical, and well-educated. So, using statistics and quantifiable data can help convince them better.

You should use studies and research to build the credibility of your medical device. However, this doesn’t mean you should avoid emotional drivers. While data is important, we shouldn’t forget that the customers are human.

Thus, an excellent medical device marketing strategy combines statistics with stories and other emotionally-appealing factors.

Conduct Customer-Focused Training Programs

During the marketing campaign, most of your staff will be interacting with potential customers. You will have minimal or no contact. It means that the staff plays an integral part in shaping the campaign results.

Thus, it’s important to conduct customer-focused training programs before product marketing. Educate your employees about the medical device features. Teach them how to use, evaluate, maintain, and troubleshoot the product.

Also, focus on customer service and sales handling. All this training will help the staff deal with customers well.

Focus on Digital Marketing Tools

Today’s advanced era has given birth to newer and more efficient digital marketing tools. Using a website or a social media page, you can market the medical device to thousands of potential customers worldwide. Plus, you don’t have to spend much, either.

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