Top Ways to Maximize Your Google Ads Revenue

The advent of digitalization has added immense importance to digital marketing. Companies are allocating budgets for social media and email marketing, as well as advertisements. Google Ads has become an indispensable platform for advertisements due to the popularity of Google’s search engine and the features a Google Ads account provides.

However, marketing and advertising are quite more complex than they seem. Companies end up bankrupting their entire digital marketing budgets, failing to drive home sales or generate revenue from the spendings.

It is mainly because most companies don’t know the ins and outs of Google Ads. A lack of in-depth knowledge about the features and tricks to maximize revenue ultimately lead to wastage of all their investment.

You can also use Clever Ads – a platform that offers the Ultimate Free Google Ads Tools to help you avoid this. Additionally, we have listed down ten ways that’ll help you maximize your ad revenue by converting visits into clicks and clicks into sales.

Perfect Ad Placement

Ads can be placed at the top, bottom, or along the sides. Remember that ads placed at the bottom are clicked very rarely while those at the top are clicked the most. The best position for product ads is at the top, and for business, ads are along the sides.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Ad extensions like call, reviews, etc. are a great way of delivering what your visitors want in a straightforward way. Your ad content and AdWords need to be aligned to match with the type of extensions you have. For example, if you have a call extension, do mention that customers can call you for support 24/7.

Target Audience Strategically Through the Google Display Network

Target Audience Strategically Through the Google Display Network

Google Display Network lets businesses place attractive and appealing ads in front of a broad target audience. This method is great to not only target all types of target-audiences but also to create brand awareness. Using Google Display Network can help you earn 300% more traffic. Surely something unmissable?

Get Insights From Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a very handy reporting tool. It analyzes your website and shows you the site experiences of your visitors, the quality of your content, and the overall experience you give your visitors. It also suggests methods you can implement to improve the site experience by using advanced statistical modeling and targeting tools.

Make Sure Your Campaign Tops

The higher your campaign rank, the higher is your website’s page rank on the search results page. Visitors are most likely to click on the first three search results and rarely go to page 2 of any search result. So, ending up at positions 4-9 against positions 1-3 in a search results page might result in the loss of thousands of potential customers.

Use the Power of Mobile

google ads mobile

Mobile searchers are most likely to immediately call you and take quick action regarding the decision to choose your company/product or not. Also, most users take action within the hour of searching for you. That means if the ads and websites aren’t customized or designed, keeping in mind mobile optimization, you may lose a lot of business.

Localized Keywords and Local Advertisements are Crucial

Google offers the option of ‘Xyz near me’ for a reason. Make use of localized keywords and advertisements so visitors will better relate to your ads and click on them. If you have an offline business selling a product or service, this can help you land a lot of customers.

Time Influences Ad Clicks

Be mindful that you cannot place ads during work hours if you’re a B2B operation. Likewise, if you’re selling baby products, nighttime is not the ideal time for parents, especially mothers, to look at those ads. Make sure to understand the time your target audience is most likely to search for you and place ads accordingly.

Do not Forget Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Conversion Tracking and Analysis

Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts should always be linked. Unless you track how many conversions (sales) you make, you will never realize the areas your ad campaign underperforms. Google Tag Manager is an excellent tool to measure your ad campaign success and visitor engagement by suggesting target locations, target times, etc.

Work on Brand Awareness

Users are more likely to click on your ad if they’ve heard of you, or are familiar with your brand in any way. Marketing and advertising go hand in hand, so ensure you market your brand to create brand awareness.

The higher the brand awareness, the more is the brand value. The more the brand value, the more clicks you get. The reason being, visitors trust that your popularity is due to good services.

Wrapping Up

Marketing is almost like a minefield – one wrong step and you disintegrate your funds. We hope you follow all the ways mentioned above, and remember to link your Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google AdWords accounts for the best results. While these points cover the best ways to use Google Ads, you can delve into some of the most creative and unusual ways from Forbes on leveraging Google AdWords to maximize profits.

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