Learn using Multiple Discord Accounts

Learn using Multiple Discord AccountsDiscord is a commonly used communication solution to reach out to friends, peers, or fellow Discord users for any of their purposes. And a lot of users have multiple Discord accounts, one for each different use case. You may also have two or more accounts, separated for work, family, and friends.

It is not possible to use more than one account on the Discord app at the same time. You will have to log out from one to sign in to another report every time you ought to change. It is pretty annoying and a hassle task to sign in and out every time. So, what to do now? Let us help you with it. You can switch between multiple Discord accounts at ease, and guess what? You don’t need to type in your user credentials every other moment. In this post, you’ll find a key to access Discord accounts with different user IDs. Also, you can learn how to buy Discord accounts from a credible site.

Use Discord on the app and a browser.

  • To do so, you can install the Discord app on your computer
  • Log in to one of your accounts from the app.
  • And to open the second account, first open any browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) of choice and visit the official Discord website, Discord.com. Then press Open Discord.
  • Now you can simultaneously operate on Discord browser account and the app. Or you can use two different browsers to log in from two other accounts.
  • If using one browser, install Switch to log in and out from multiple accounts on a computer.
  • But if using a mobile device, download Parallel Space.

How to Buy Discord Accounts?

Interested buyers can visit the most popular Accfarm to get good social media accounts. Discord accounts are priced based on their features. A basic account can cost you around $0.99 to $7.99, while a highly featured account can be as expensive as $71.99 to $599.99.

Similar to usual shopping, you can add different accounts with unique usernames and passwords into your shopping cart and purchase them accordingly.

Although different websites offer different deals, you can purchase Discord accounts by following a similar process. Find out the tips we have for you before buying discord accounts.

Decide which website to choose.

Consider the website that allows free registration instead of jumping to the paid ones so that you can back out of your registration process without investing a penny, as there are times when you find a better website than the one you chose. Also, ensure a safe mode of the transaction (verified either by Mastercard or Visa) if buying a Discord account from an Accfarm website.

Sign Up for a selected account

You can create and register for the website’s account of your choice. The websites often ask for your credit card details.

Choose the featured account.

Once you have logged into the website, you can pick from a complete list of Discord accounts.

Wait for your delivery.

It takes about only three to five minutes to deliver the account. Immediately after the necessary transactions are made, the website instantly shares the account details, which you can change after verification. Also, if a defective account is received, you can report it to customer services. Reputable websites replace the accounts or refund your paid amount.

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