Is Your Company Using Safety Training Tracking Software?

Is your company using Safety Training Tracking Software?A new year brings new challenges, and in 2022, companies will have to step up their game if they hope to be successful. One of the most important steps in creating a positive safety culture is implementing effective employee safety training.

According to OSHA, 40% of all non-fatal injuries and fatalities are related to employee safety training or lack thereof. With so much at stake, your company must have an efficient and reliable way to track your employee’s safety training data and take corrective action when needed or appropriate.

To help you decide if you’re using the right software, we’ve broken down some of the key features you should look for when choosing the right safety training tracking software.

What is a Safety Training Software

Safety training software is an invaluable tool allowing training managers and L&D leaders to effectively build, manage, and optimize a safety management program that will protect their workforce from any potential health and physical hazards.

While developing and implementing programs aimed at helping your workforce become more knowledgeable about their rights, responsibilities, and safe practices can be challenging, the good news is there are many tools available to make the process much easier.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of different programs on the market, and it can be hard to tell what’s best. To help you make an informed decision, we will first go over How to choose a safety training tracking software and review three leading software your company can help you to make a difference this 2022. Hopefully, by reading through our findings, you will find one that meets your needs perfectly!

Why Is Safety Tracking Software Necessary?

The idea behind any type of training protocol is to make sure everybody stays safe. Employees should never do anything unsafe unless they are made aware of the risks involved and mitigate them. However, ideally, they would be able to create strategies without asking—nobody knows better than those who work directly with machinery or building materials day after day.

How do you choose safety training tracking software?

To choose safety training tracking software for your organization, you must first identify what matters most to you. Here are some of the questions to bring your focus to perspective:

  • How long has it been used in other organizations?
  • Is there a customer service number to call with questions or problems right off the bat?
  • Is there an automated response system to send messages and reminders if someone misses a deadline or task they should complete within that software program?
  • Does it integrate well with existing tools or systems already in place at your organization?

Once you’ve identified which safety training tracking software best fits your needs, consider any additional support options (including live webinars) offered by each provider.

Be sure to select a safety training tracking tool that will offer ongoing support as you transition into using their product throughout your organization!

Of course, price is also important when choosing safety training tracking software. However, don’t let price be your only concern. While paying for safety training tracking software may seem expensive initially, it can reduce safety risk over time and produce cost savings on workers’ compensation insurance premiums.


EdApp is a free Microlearning Management System with an integrated authoring tool, reward, analytics, and delivery app, designed to suit the twenty-first-century digital habits. With this software, you can methodically track training programs. For example, you can easily know which employees have completed their training and how many times they did so when they were last trained.

These are all crucial pieces of information that, if overlooked, could result in severe safety hazards and expensive or deadly workplace accidents. You should consider investing in safety training tracking software to keep track of everything from pre-employment testing, fire drills to CPR and First Aid recertification.

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is one of the best in providing advanced workforce management software for businesses. The company’s mission is to provide organizations with tools to improve productivity, increase efficiency, save time and reduce costs.

The company offers safety training tracking software, an invaluable tool that allows training managers and L&D managers to effectively build, manage and optimize a safety management program to protect employees from any potential health and physical life risks.

iSpring technology prioritizes ease and clarity of use. iSpring’s intuitive user interface makes the LMS very easy to use for trainees and training administrators alike. And of course the tools that allow you to create and run a training program in a matter of hours. And the price is pleasantly surprising.


A leading provider of safety training software provides companies with several modules to streamline and manage their safety training. With Cority, employers can optimize their programs across all locations, achieving efficiency in a fraction of time.

In addition to creating effective online training modules and documents such as policies, procedures, and manuals, Cority offers additional modules that address specific hazards that an organization may be facing.

For example, if a chemical facility has to comply with GHS standards for hazardous chemicals or lead regulations for construction, Cority provides free modules for these common standards.

Plus, if there are other industry-specific health and physical hazard regulations in place where you work—like those created by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or American National Standards Institute ANSI—you’ll find support for those as well through Cority’s extensive library of over 350 free pre-made templates from industries ranging from construction to food service.


Safety Training Tracking software is a key component to any Health and Physical Hazard Management Program (HPHMP) in today’s business environment. A safety training tracking system will help you track & manage your employees’ health and safety training records, reduce your compliance risk and save you money.

Managing all aspects of an effective corporate Health and Physical Hazard Management program can be time-consuming and costly. However, poor management of physical hazards can result in serious injuries, lawsuits, lost productivity due to illness or accidents, and other expensive problems that cost you valuable time & money. This is one reason why we encourage companies like yours to invest wisely.

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