Which Internet is good? Best Review 2019

Which Internet is good? Best Review 2019It will not be wrong to say that high-speed internet has become the basic framework on which stands the foundation of a smooth digital life we all aspire to achieve.

With so many booming internet service providers invading the industry, it sure is an arduous task to pick out the ideal internet type and services for having an overwhelming internet connectivity experience.

Before gaining insight on who are the top internet providers and what services they offer, it is necessary to have a quick look at the bandwidth range usually offered by the internet connection types available:

  • Fiber: The typical bandwidth that fiber optics offer ranges from 50 to 1000 Mbps.
  • Cable: The bandwidth offered by cable usually ranges up to 200 Mbps.
  • DSL: Typical bandwidth offered by DSL is usually around 45 Mbps.
  • Satellite: The satellite internet provides a bandwidth of up to 30 Mbps.

Many factors count when it comes to choosing the best internet services and ideal internet packages. These mainly include internet speeds, reliability, customer services, availability, and pricing.

Thus trying to recommend an internet type for exceptional speed might be different from recommending one for widespread availability.

After all, different technologies have their own pros and cons that must be considered while selecting the best internet services to suit your needs. Here are the top internet options for 2019 and their advantages as well as limitations.


Fiber optics form the backbone of the telecommunication network. With rocket-fast downloading rate, as high as 1 Gig per second, it stands out in terms of speed and low latency.

Whether you want to try playing a new game, stream videos or download files from the cloud, a fiber internet connection allows you to enjoy a consistent and lag-free experience.


  • Fiber internet brings you extremely fast speeds with greater reliability
  • It usually offers no data caps
  • It is a preferable option for seamless video streaming and gaming


  • You usually need professional help when it comes to its installation
  • Fewer providers offer this technology
  • Fiber internet has very limited availability

Cable Internet

Cable internet is well known for delivering impressive high speeds making it an ideal choice for activities like video streaming, gaming and downloading larger files.

There are many cable internet options available in the market, but we’d like to recommend Spectrum internet for you because it offers a faster, smoother and cost-effective connectivity experience.


  • Cable internet offers a much faster speed as compared to satellite or DSL internet
  • It offers seamless video streaming and gaming experience


  • It usually comes with an installation fee that adds to the internet cost and becomes expensive
  • It is not available everywhere so its access depends on your locality

Satellite Internet

It will be true to say that satellite internet is a network connection all the way from space.

Well, technically a dish placed on your rooftop receives signals sent from a satellite orbiting in space. Satellite internet comes with its advantages and limitations like all other internet technologies.

Given its widespread access and availability, it does get affected by weather conditions, as you might face lags at times.


  • It has greater availability and is usually accessible even in remote locations
  • It is comparatively cheaper because of the greater number of providers available in the market now


  • The installation requires professional assistance
  • The installation might prove expensive and might involve signing a certain contract
  • It may offer some distortions at times especially because of abrupt weather conditions


In this post, we have tried to make it a lot easier for you to decide your favorite internet service for this year.

While researching the best internet services and providers out there, you must consider your location in the first place. Since some internet services are not available in certain areas.

Moreover, consider asking your neighbors about it. They might help you clear your mind and go for the best option in front of you.

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