HTC is Planning to Bring Out Blockchain Powered Smart Phones

HTC is Planning to Bring Out Blockchain Powered Smart PhonesThe Crypto trends have also grabbed some of the tech companies like HTC who want to participate in blockchain society actively. The company is planning to launch blockchain-powered phones. They have named the first phone, Exodus has a built-in wallet and exclusively for cryptocurrencies has hardware support for both the currencies and decentralized apps.

The first crypto phone that HTC launched was in 2018, May. The phone called Exodus from HTC will allow the user to connect to decentralized networks.

Not only that, but this phone will also enable have you to download apps that are decentralized just like you downloaded other apps for your phone. This phone will come with a hardware wallet that will allow you to conduct the trading from your phone, as it will be safer and a portable way to hold your digital cash.

Earlier this year, a swap feature for in-wallet cryptocurrency to exchange between ERC-20 rapidly.

However, the Exodus was released towards the end of 2018, and in the beginning, it was only available for purchasing it with cryptocurrencies. Soon after this, HTC released another phone in 2019 in October to run an entire Bitcoin node. HTC decided to add support for Binance Chain, by publishing a special edition of the phone.

On the contrary, Exodus is not the only phone in the market that supports the blockchain technology. The Finney, introduced by Sirin Labs, started dispatching their phones with blockchain technology support at the end of 2018. Another famous tech company that released a phone with blockchain technology is Samsung, the S10 that was released in early 2019.

The S10 supports ERC-20s, bitcoins, and decentralized apps similar to HTC. There has also been news about LG’s contemplation on creating a phone with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency support but, no such releases or product has yet been seen.

Even though HTC came up with this idea, but they were soon cornered by other rising competitions from influential tech companies like Apple and Samsung.

It is also said that Google has entered the race arena that led to the company’s shares to crash; putting the HTC is deep financial pressure. Their revenue was reported to be going down with the 2019 July sale, according to Liberty Times.

However, they had a good idea, to begin with. Eventually, HTC will have to do something to pull up its game in the long term market.

But, hey, let’s explore some of the factors that HTC had in mind while creating a phone that supported Bitcoin technology.

This will help you understand why these kinds of phones exist and will you w be happy to purchase one. The profit bitcoin app will help you find the cryptocurrency that is best suited for you, and here are the reasons you need to keep it safe or use a dedicated phone for this matter.

Why are phones coming out with the blockchain technology?

Before we get into why phones are doing it, we will have to understand how the blockchain technology is becoming one of the most leading technologies that most sectors want to use, especially the supply chain industry.

The blockchain technology is like a ledger, where the transaction data is recorded, here the Bitcoin that are being used are tracked and kept as a public ledger. These blocks that are present inside the chain are unhackable as they encrypted and can only be accessed by the owners.

Most of the businesses want this technology into their system as they are foreseeing the future. This technology is easy to use and also helps the owner to find what they are looking for really quickly and easily.

The businesses with this will be able to stay connected with all their associates and employees even though they are spread out all over the globe.

But, in the case of phones, HTC realized that the need for a dedicated hardware system is essential for cryptocurrency traders.

The private key is the most critical object that connects you with your online trading, and this needs to be kept safe. With a hardware device, you will be able to keep it with you always and conduct trading from anywhere with your dedicated machine.

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