How To Value Your Customers

How To Value Your CustomersAs a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your customers are satisfied with the level of service that they have received. A customer that doesn’t feel valued is likely to find someone else who they feel treats them adequately.

After all, who doesn’t want to get a good deal?

There’s no reason not to value your customers when you think about it, they are your livelihood, and there’s nothing wrong with showing how much you appreciate their business.

That’s not to say every business does everything correctly to treat their customers correctly.

Just putting in the bare minimum amount of effort will get you more goodwill than money could ever buy, but I recommend doing as much as you can.

It’s worth realizing that many other people can provide the same service you do, but if you cultivate an experience different from all other vendors, your customers will choose your time and time again.

Here’s how to let your customers feel special:

Non-Intrusively Ask For Feedback

Shoving a questionnaire down their throats pre-emptively is a bit heavy-handed, but if you have a place, customers can easily access to leave feedback, and how their experience was, that’ll pay off.

You’ll receive direct feedback from your customers, and they’ll end up getting a more satisfying experience if you implement some fixes for them. There’s always a chance there’s something you can improve on that you couldn’t see yourself.

That way, you’ll consistently be able to come out meeting your customer’s expectations perfectly.

Don’t Overprice Your Services.

While it’s fantastic to get more money per sale, there comes the point where your price tag can be insulting.

Always be aware of the market value of your services, it’s okay to bring them up or down a little based on mitigating factors that you think genuinely think to affect the level of service you provide.

There’s the saying you can kill the sheep once, but you can shear it repeatedly.

Having a fair price is much more sustainable is the moral of that idiom. Everybody wants to feel like they’re getting a deal, plus if you overcharge, there’s a good chance your customers will expect more than what you’re going to end up delivering.

Clearly Explain Your Services

Educate your customers clearly as to what you are going to do and what each distinct step does to benefit them. Even if you run a complicated service that most non-specialists won’t fully understand, don’t treat your customers like they are stupid by not clearly explaining what you’re going to do.

Explain what you’re able to fix, prevent, and workaround. Your customer doesn’t need to understand exactly why you’re doing each step, but it should be correct and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

Some will take your word for it, and others will search definitions of what you say and realize you’re the real deal.

Leave an easy to find an option to buy your services at the end.

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Respond To Reviews Fully

There is a multitude of websites that will automatically allow reviews to be left and seen by the general public. Still, the caveat is that they’ll let you claim your business and respond to customers directly.

You should always respond to public criticism so you can clear the record as well as take responsibility for anything legitimate they didn’t like.

From there, promise to move forward in a way more accommodating to the customer.

The biggest benefit comes from people being able to see that you engaged with your business. Adam Draper from Gladiator Law Marketing says that when someone leaves a negative review on your company’s social media page, the first step in dealing with it is to reply immediately and thank them for sharing, then address their concerns.

People like to know that you didn’t just set up your business as a fly-by-night operation where you delivered subpar service then disappeared forever. Stay active, stay engaged, and stay part of the conversation.

Be Active On Social Media

Be Active On Social Media with your customersThe more quality, relevant content you post on social media, the more committed you’ll look to anyone who’s checking you out.

Bonus points if you manage to become an authority on all of the new things in your particular industry.

People don’t typically seek out advertisements, yet that’s essentially what your social media profile is. Social media allows you the chance to be visited by someone just casually browsing to kill some time and then engaging with your brand, and It’s important to let people know you know your stuff.

Customers feel valued when you provide them with your experienced.

Understand How Customers Use Your Service

To best accomplish this trip, you should go through the entire purchasing process from the experience of a customer and compare it to how you understand it and what results you make.

Anything hard to understand will become readily apparent, and you might see some mistakes where you never checked before.

Think about it: how often do you go through the process of buying your services?

It’s a huge blind spot many entrepreneurs neglect entirely. It is of grave importance to understand every facet of your business if you plan on tailoring it to your customers.

Remember Everything You Can About Each Customer

Wouldn’t you feel more valued if you were constantly referred to by your name or by previous encounters

Showing that you take time to remember each customer and tailor your service to them exactly is an amazing way to make customers feel as if they are valued outright.

Business transactions can easily become impersonal, so extending even the smallest amount of courtesy by treating your customer like a distinct human being instead of a dollar sign pays dividends.

Any small detail counts, so long as it demonstrates you astutely paid attention to every detail about them that you could. Too often we feel treated like we’re just numbers, make it personal!

Give Away Resources To Your Customers

Providing value free of charge for your customer to allow them an understanding of all of their options and anything pertinent to your area of work is invaluable.

Not only does it show that you’re trustworthy, which will make them more likely to go through with purchasing your services, but it’s also just good practice.

Keep them engaged and involved with your industry of choice, and there’s a good chance that anyone interested enough to learn what’s going on in a more in-depth fashion wants to go through with making a purchase.

By giving away some information of value to your customers, they’ll feel much more appreciative of all of your efforts to fix their particular problem or service their particular needs.

Don’t Skimp On Customer Satisfaction.

Some small things can end up going a long way. Throwing in minor touch-ups or add-on services free of charge can make it seem like you’re giving much more value than you are.

People appreciate being given free bonuses or extras; if you word them properly, people will think you’re going above and beyond when in reality, you’re just doing what you should.

Anything you can do to make your customers happy with each part of the process makes for a smooth transaction.

The entire process of looking at your wares to finalizing payment should be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, with clear indications of how much you’ll charge and how to proceed at each step. If you manage to make buying things from you fun & easy, you’ve struck gold.

Understand What Your Customers Value Specifically

Every industry, or niche, is different, an in-depth and comprehensive job might work for one niche, but others might prefer you just to set things up as minimally as possible and allow them the freedom to change things for themselves.

Focus entirely on what aspect of what you provide draw people in and not so much on the secondary or even tertiary things that make the experience only a pinch better.

There’s only so much time in a day, dedicate your efforts to what will increase perceived value the most in any given time frame.

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Word Your Pitch Correctly

This point somewhat ties into the previous one, but it involves just as much attention on its own.

There’s a lot of ways to describe exactly what you do, but the outcomes should be made clear and professionally tailored to what the customer is expecting from that transaction.

An example is that when people go for a haircut, the object isn’t so much to have a hair cut out of principle, but for the overall length of your hair to be shorter.

Make sure that you know where your client’s heads are at if you can answer all their needs perfectly without them even having to ask it’s a no brainer they should look to you for the job.

Show Off Examples Of Your Work

A customer will enjoy being shown exactly how your work looks, as well as what to expect as an outcome.

This applies to many different businesses, so it’s hard to put into words, but then it’s just about showing off from beginning to end an example of what you provide. If how much you provide isn’t immediately obvious, examples of your work, let your customers know whether or not you’re on the same wavelength.

Coupled with the tips on making sure to listen to your customers and tailor the experience to them, over time, you’ll have perfect examples of your work that let people know you’re on the right path.

Have A Good FAQ

People have to figure out exactly what you’re all about, and chances are they will have some very specific questions.

Whatever you think anyone might not be able to understand from your main points, you should quickly expand on. Leaving your customers to fill in the blanks themselves isn’t a good idea, clear the air yourself and go over their concerns with every aspect.

Even the process of billing and quality control should be addressed, and the purpose is to make a quick answer for anything pertinent that doesn’t necessarily deserve something huge dedicated to it.

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Hold Contests

Free giveaways or other interactive content do wonders for making customers feel valued.

Way more value is created for your customers than what you lose. Even giving away $10 worth of free goods or services for free can get dozens of more people involved with your brand in particular.

Having a contest where you give something away for free shows that you aren’t interested in just taking as much as you can from your customers. The more cooperative you seem, the better it’ll reflect on you.

Think about it, if you identify as a stingy vendor, people will start to doubt your technical support capabilities and how much you care.

These tips aren’t necessarily the only thing you can do to improve how your customers see you, but they’re all tied together by some common points. Treat customers how you’d like to be treated.

Offering a refined, comprehensive, and easy to follow a process and pampering the customer as much as you possibly can while still making a buck is a surefire way to have repeat customers and great word of mouth.

Don’t feel as if you’re only doing this to make more money, being committed to the customer experience in a way that makes you more successful is just indicative you managed to do it right.

Instead of just a one and done type experience, a customer can begin to depend on your for the consistent result; you deliver with tons of opportunity to make sure all of their needs were met.

Overthinking it isn’t always the right way to go, just make your business easier to use, and you’ll reap the rewards. Business isn’t always straight forward, but taking care of your customers should seem pretty obvious.

Best of luck!

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