How to Make Math Fun, Easy, and Interesting for Kids

How to Make Math Fun, Easy, and Interesting for KidsThe groans of disappointment. The glazed eyes and distracted looks. All these reactions are common when it comes to math. For many kids, math is the one subject they’d do anything to avoid. But does it always have to be this way? Of course not!

As a parent or tutor, there are several ways to make maths for children a fun, easy subject. It’s a difficult journey, no doubt, but in the end, you’ll have students who absolutely enjoy doing math. Wondering how? Let’s take a closer look at some key strategies, shall we?

Why do children hate math?

Before we delve into the crux of the matter, it’s essential that we understand why learning math for kids is so complicated. Why exactly do children hate math? Although the reasons may differ depending on the student, they can all be summed up under these reasons:

It is difficult

There is a general narrative that math is a complex subject. Although this narrative isn’t necessarily true, it stems from valid concerns. Trying to analyze and decode numbers, fractions, and equations can be overwhelming for any student. If they don’t have a supportive math physics tutor to help them navigate these murky waters, they just might give up and develop a strong dislike for the subject.


It’s common to see kids roll their eyes or doze off once a math tutor steps into the classroom. Is this disheartening? Yes. Can it be helped? To a large extent, no. A significant percentage of students hate math because they find it boring. In fact, some teenagers and high school students have termed it a “snooze fest.”

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the teacher’s abilities. If math classes for kids are boring, they’d certainly have no interest in math.

Different interests

In some cases, children might hate math simply because their interest lies in other subjects like art or literature. As such, they’ll certainly prioritize these subjects over math and offer no interest in the subject.

How to Make Math Fun, Easy, and Interesting for Kids

Now to the main crux of the matter: how can you make math fun and easy for kids? If you’re trying to help your students learn mathematics for kids, the following tips will set you right on track:

Introduce math games

Game-based learning is fast becoming a popular trend in today’s classrooms. Studies have shown that students tend to assimilate and learn better when you introduce games into the curriculum. Whether they’re taking online or in-person classes, games are a fun way to teach them new concepts and topics,

Fortunately, there are tons of online math for kids games and applications to help enliven your class and get kids excited. You could also try card games or trivias to boost their interest and make them look forward to each math lesson.

Physical involvement

Here’s the first thing you should know about children: they’re hyperactive. No child wants to sit in one spot for hours learning about numbers and fractions. Although you may have their attention in the first few minutes, they’ll eventually get bored and start searching for distractions.

To make math fun for them, you’ll need to get physical and make them move around the class at intervals. For instance, you could arrange a scavenger hunt where they search for geometric patterns. You could also introduce physical games like playing dice to help them learn. The bottomline is: get them out of their seats and they’ll certainly find the class interesting.

Use fun word problems

Sally has seven apples. Morty asks her for one but she gives him two instead. How many apples does Sally have left?

Word problems like this one are often your best bet at grabbing kids attention and retaining it. Most children love imagining and acting out scenarios and word problems give them the opportunity to use their imagination to solve real math problems.

By incorporating word problems into the lesson,you can help them think outside the box and develop critical thinking skills while having fun at the same time.

Make it interactive and hands-on

Here’s one mistake a lot of math tutors make: they tend to do all the talking in the class. We’re all familiar with the traditional classroom setup: the teacher makes notes on the board and explains while the students take down notes.

Unfortunately, this method can be extremely boring and could cause them to get fidgety. A great way to keep them genuinely interested is by making it an interactive class instead of a lecture. Let students work out examples and guess numbers/answers as you teach. The more they participate, the more excited they’ll be about math. Everyone wins!

Center the kids

This is a tiny trick that expert math teachers use to enliven the class and grab their students’ attention. Teaching isn’t about you or the notes you’ve made. It’s about the children and the experience you’re giving them.

Want to help them love math? Put students at the center of every lesson. For instance, during word problems, use their names instead of random names. You could even ask them for their opinions on names to use for your word problems. Sure, you’ll earn a giggle from them when you do this but it’s much more than that. By centring them in the lesson, they’ll feel like they’re a part of something huge and of course, start looking forward to subsequent classes.

Final Thoughts

As a tutor handling online math for kids, it can be difficult to do your job when your students are either disinterested or have an outright dislike for the subject. However, with the tips outlined above, you can make each lesson a fun cruise for your students and get them to love math.

Ensure that you keep them engaged and stay patient with them as they try to navigate a seemingly difficult subject. Your efforts will eventually pay off. Good luck!

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