How to Learn Spanish Easily in 6 Months

How to Learn Spanish Easily in 6 MonthsLearning something new is not an easy task for a grown-up. Adults are more likely to memorize the vocabulary, grammar, and tenses of a foreign language if they know why it works this way. The absence of a practical goal is a number one obstacle in your learning, so first, if you want to speak a foreign language, make up a real-world goal.

In the article, we will learn how to learn the basic Spanish words and phrases if you a beginner. Also, the article will help you determine the other core and hidden mistakes of the people who want to learn Spanish in a short period.

Most Frequent Mistakes of Learning Spanish

To learn the language you like, be prepared for many barriers on your way to success. Here are some main mistakes of the people who want to learn how to speak Spanish in 6 months.

Lack of Goal

Why do you want to speak Spanish? You should have a clear answer to this question. It is a common mistake of all adults who want to start learning a foreign language – unclear goal.

How to understand that your goal is clear? Analyze if the reason you want to know a foreign language can be estimated in terms of time and some other value. For example:

  • Applying for an internship;
  • Entering the university;
  • Preparing for a job interview.

Find any realistic goal, and learning Spanish will be much easier. And remember: Duolingo or the other online app won’t find this goal for you.

Lack of Independent Study

Many people think that if they pay for a language course or a tutor, the burden of independent work will be eased. For getting real results, you have to spend lots of extra time memorizing vocabulary, grammar, and improving spelling.

In Preply, tutors understand the specifics of working with adults and kids who want to learn Spanish in a short time. That’s why all the work is systematized and prepared for hours of independent learning.

Lack of Motivation

One more and maybe the core trigger to give up learning is lack of motivation. Learning Spanish with tutors online is more effective than having an independent course in Coursera.

Here is why:

  • Online courses lack human-to-human interaction;
  • They provide insufficient self-motivation;

That’s why choose a tutor of Spanish instead of a course or an app. The tools are popular but complementary to learning with a teacher.

How to Learn Spanish Quickly: Top Advice

Now, when you know the obstacles you might face while learning Spanish online, it is time to enhance your strengths. Let us look at the rules that will help you with your task – learning a foreign language in 6 months.

Find a Tutor

A high-qualified and pleasant teacher is the key to learning Spanish. If you can’t find them in your area, try online Spanish tutors. There are thousands of professional Spanish teachers on online language platforms. They will learn your pace of studying and will help adapt to the specifics of your education.

Go to Spain

The most fun part of learning any language is going to the country of its origin! Go to Spain and spend there a month or two. The more time you spend there, the more you communicate with the natives – the better result you will get. Do not cheat and speak Spanish only!

Thankfully, Spain is a great place to be: nature, culture, food are satisfying so that you will not be able to leave it until you know everything about the place.

Read More in Spanish

There is so much literature in Spanish available right now, so it’s easy to get lost in search of the most suitable book. There is specially adapted literature you can read. But our advice is to read not adapted books. Create your vocabulary – write down all the unknown words and memorize them.


When you start learning any foreign language, you should also remember one thing: you have to like the process. If you do not enjoy it, you will not get the results you expected. That is why choosing the tutor you like communicating with, the apps, and courses are crucial.

Always do your homework, try more independent learning and find friends who speak the language you are learning.

That is how you can learn Spanish in six months!

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