How To Handle Essay Writing Challenges

Writing an essay is an intimidating and daunting task for someone who feels they do not have a good grip on writing. Writing challenges are common amongst students who need to write for various reasons, but this might not be their strength.

It is common for people, at any level of writing, to face challenges relating to penning their thoughts and opinions accordingly. The truth is that writing challenges are not unique.

Many people face them and as a result, procrastinate or put off the task and wait for the last minute to conjure something up.

Yes, writing is difficult, but with a few hacks, you may be able to get the words flowing in no time.

How To Handle Essay Writing Challenges

Getting Started

The key to writing is simply getting started. It is the first and most challenging step in the writing process.

However, if you want to be a good writer, you need to learn the value of relinquishing your inner judges and starting with a draft.

When you are in the draft phase, there is no need to edit your writing as you write or judge yourself too harshly for mistakes. Just keep going and get the ideas out as best you can.

Once you have written a few pages, you can always go back to correct mistakes and take out useless information.

Once you have distinguished facts from fiction, you can begin to craft a compelling argument or answer to the research question. Seek answers from reliable sources to quote and to inspire you to write further.

Challenges in writing an essay usually stem from limiting yourself as you write. You need to think beyond your limitations. Another challenge often faced by amateur writers is that of using clichés in their writing.

Thus, it is important to give your text a thorough read. Clichés make you look like a lazy thinker to the assessor or editor, so you need to avoid them.

Finding your Voice and Knowing Your Audience

Not all writing is the same or intended for the same purpose. The writing varies according to its audience. You can be creative, or academic in your tone, depending on the instructions for the essay.

In academia, your voice should be in third-person, for instance, and reflect an unbiased viewpoint. However, the personal challenge essay can be more opinionated.

It is important to apply the relevant tone to the type of paper you are writing and to meet the standard requirements.

Writing challenges can also be overcome challenges essay by simply using plain language as opposed to trying too hard to be smart and complicated. Rather, focus on being and logical to face challenges in writing an essay.

Once you have an understand of your audience, you can cater your paper to their needs, whether academic, corporate or just for fun.

That way, you can focus on attracting the relevant reader to your work. Each writer’s voice is unique, but what they should all have in common is offering valuable information to your audience.

You should also practice, and not be afraid to fail or to be ‘wrong’ or being overly skeptical of your work. Always consult with your teacher or lecturer if there is a detail you are not sure about.

How To Handle Essay Writing Challenges - Finding your Voice and Knowing Your Audience

Time Management and Planning

Writing requires a lot of time, especially if you are not confident about the level of your skills.

Honing your skills is very important in challenge essay writing. The first trick is managing your time efficiently by starting right away and avoiding procrastination.

Once you understand what is required of you, take the time to plan how you will use your available time to complete the essay.

If you are completely out of time, ask experts to write my essay for me cheap. The online expert writers can also help you with dissertation, thesis and all other academic writing work.

Time management means that you can face challenges essay writing as they come and get information in due course.

Planning your time efficiently also allows you to take time off writing the piece, and returning to it with a fresher perspective after a few days.

Eliminate distractions… and proofread

At times, we are bombarded with a heavy workload and little time to complete our essays, but it is important to focus by eliminating distractions and researching essays with similar content for inspiration (no plagiarism).

If you feel that you don’t know enough, this is simply a sign that you should read more on the topic and conduct research. Before you hand your assignment, be sure to proofread and edit your assignment.

If you are not a strong editor, you can download a grammar program to assist you.

The more you write and plan around your writing – the better you will become at it. You can also keep a notebook where you can jot down thoughts and ideas as you move along with your day.


Writing is a challenge for even the most established writers who go through writers blocks and such, so you should go easy on yourself.

To become a good writer, you simply need the practice to overcome the challenges you may face.

Writing is a good skill to hone because it is required in almost every sphere of life. Mastering your written communication is of utmost importance.

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