How To Get Internet Connection Without Cable Or A Phone Line?

How To Get Internet Connection Without Cable Or A Phone Line?As we utilize the internet and online portals more, the utilization of telephone lines and cable TV in our homes has been relatively reduced. In some cases, the internet has replaced cable TV and landline phone’s consumption by bringing us the apps and free platforms that do the same job but via the internet.

Truth be told, numerous families currently utilize their cell phones as their essential method to see content from online streaming services, which include, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix to name a few.

Almost all cable TV providers are launching their apps which will enable their customers to watch anything from their official portals through their smartphones while on the go.

Some of the cable TV providers such as Spectrum cable and Xfinity cable have their official apps already in the market exclusively available and designed for their subscribers only. These official services via apps have prompted the cord-cutters, where individuals drop the cable TV membership for streaming.

With its compatibility with the latest devices and gadgets, it is way too simpler than at any other time earlier to stream your favorite content onto the TV screen in your front room, so you’re not jammed on your smartphone’s little screen. As indicated by eMarketer, around 19.9%, to almost 25.3 million houses are expected to cut their cable connections before 2020 ends.

So should you consider cutting the cable, as well? 

If you need to subscribe to an internet connection without getting a cable or a telephone line, we are going to tell you how you can use the internet that does not come with a home phone or cable connection.

As you’re maybe looking for cable TV or phone options, remember that some advertised internet packages may not be accessible in your vicinity. Your available number of internet options will rely upon the serviceable providers present near your location only.

Most ideal approaches to get an internet connection without getting a cable TV connection, you can try using:

  • Dial-up connection
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Fiber-optic connection
  • Fixed wireless
  • Naked DSL
  • Dish/Satellite internet

Looking out for internet choices or getting an internet connection without a telephone line and/or cable TV the results will entirely depend upon where you reside and what connections are serviceable near you.

Odds are you might end up having a couple of options to select from and not the whole lot you see online. Do your research thoroughly and you will get to know how to avail fast internet service without a cable connection or a telephone line according to what is serviceable for you. You will find the least expensive internet providers without telephone service.

These internet packages are usually offered at the least expensive charges so you can consider economical internet options. Most organizations offer some promotional deals that enable and encourage their potential customers to get the internet connection at even lesser prices than usual.

Regular STANDALONE internet connection’s options minus a telephone service 

While numerous providers give internet and TV deals, the standalone internet connection is an extraordinary option on the probability that you need Wi-Fi for home, but, don’t wish to pay some extra bucks for cable TV and telephone services.

Almost all the prominent providers in the US telecom market which includes names like CenturyLink, AT&T, Xfinity, and Frontier, offer standalone internet plans at different prices. These standalone services may not be as economical as the triple or double play plans are nor the plans offered by regional telecom service providers.

Final Thoughts

In case you’re an excessive internet user, who sits in front of the TV for long hours to watch content from live streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or someone who consumes your smartphone as your essential telephone, at that point just having an internet connection with sufficient data plan according to your usage at home would be an ideal deal for you.

You most certainly don’t have to bother about the cable TV or telephone connection when all you need is an internet connection to do all the jobs for you. And of course, the bills are also an unnecessary burden on you for something you don’t need.

In this scenario, chances are that you would rather prefer to cut the cords, don’t overstress yourself, you can even get a standalone internet connection now without a cable connection or a telephone line. Simply connect with your available providers to see the serviceable internet and packages options in your nearest locality and they will help you find one.


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