How to Get Comments on Your YouTube Design Videos

How to Get Comments on Your Design VideosYou need comments on your design videos if you want them to increase in popularity, views, and likes.

But wait a minute, you’re saying. Isn’t that backward?

Aren’t comments the result of popularity, views, and likes? Well, yes and no. It’s a bit of a cycle. All of them are interdependent and reinforce each other.

We’ll give you a brief explanation.

The YouTube Cycle

YouTube utilizes an algorithm that ranks videos on search results, with the highest-ranked one being those with the most views, which is then leavened with their number of likes and comments.

In the case of a tie between two videos with the same number of views, the likes and comments will be the deciding factor on which one ranks highest.

Even if the number of views on your videos increases slower than others, it may still rank above them based on the engagement of users liking it and commenting on it. The higher it ranks on search results, the more views, and consequently, the more likes and comments it will receive.

Once that cycle gets started, it feeds on itself, building higher and higher.

Conversely, if your video doesn’t have enough views, or only has views from zombie or bot accounts (which YouTube can detect), it will start sinking in the ranking, pushing it further and further down the search results.

And just like the positive cycle, the negative one feeds on itself too. How to get more comments, in addition to more views and likes, is part of what you need to know about business communications if you want to monetize your account and get your designs noticed.

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Understanding YouTube Comments

Comments take more time and more engagement from the user than simply clicking a button to like or dislike a video.

Comments also usually mean the viewer has watched most or all of your video, and it made an impression on them that was strong enough to prompt them to go the extra mile of writing a few words about it.

Since comments are – relatively – rare compared to views and likes, YouTube weights them more heavily in its ranking algorithm. YouTube is a company that relies on social interaction for its profits, and they’ve studied this to a fine point.

They understand how much comment is worth relative to a view or like, and they adjust your rankings accordingly.

For your purposes, comments show that your target audience is engaging with your videos and products. When you take time to answer those comments, time-consuming though it might be, that will trigger still more engagement from your views and eventually, a sale to a satisfied customer.

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Increasing Comments on Your Videos

There are seemingly endless ideas on how to get more comments on your YouTube videos, all of them helpful to one degree or another, 10 Tricks to Increase YouTube Likes and Comments on Your Videos, or some such. As we said, they work

But the results you get from them are entirely dependent on how many hours and hours and hours of work you put into them.

If you’ve produced a design video on bringing more natural light into your home, that took 20 hours to shoot and edit, you’ll probably have to spend 40-60 hours promoting it to get a handful of views and maybe one or two comments.

That’s why you need to buy YouTube comments from companies such as this.

Buying YouTube Comments

The nice thing about buying YouTube comments is that you can tailor the text of the comments specifically to the points you want to highlight or emphasize. If you phrase your comments as questions, then later, log on and answer those questions, other users will see that as a sign you’re serious about their feedback.

People want to be paid attention to, and they’ll buy goods and services from the person who gives them the attention they crave long before they buy anything from a person who ignores their concerns.

Buying YouTube comments – phrasing them as questions – and answering them is a form of advertising you can’t afford to miss out on.

You may have the best design ideas in the world, and your videos may be Oscar nomination material, but unless you can get people to watch them, like them, and comment on them, it’s a waste of time and energy. Buying comments is quick, easy, and has a proven track record of success!

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