How to Get a Good Argumentative Essay Topic Idea?

Good Argumentative Essay Topic Idea

An argumentative essay is more like a debate. It is a piece of writing that describes a perspective of an issue or topic. In a good argumentative composition, a writer tries to state reasons and provide evidence in an attempt to persuade readers to understand and support their point of view about a topic.

Argumentative composition writing is every high school and college student assignment. Most argumentative topic ideas are related to technology, science, politics, and health care. Two major characteristics of this type of write-up are:

  • Point of view: The writer is expected to state and present his point of view in the introduction to the essay.
  • Analysis: essay writer must analyze the subject matter. The writer should carefully contrast the ideas or the advantages and disadvantages of positions, while gradually unraveling why he assumes a certain position.

You must be aware of the proper way to structure your argumentative essay before you start the writing process. Amongst the different structures of an essay, one of the most important is the topic, which is selecting an argumentative essay topic. Certain attributes qualify a good argumentative topic. Here are ways to get a good one:

How to Get a Good Argumentative Essay Topic Idea?

It should be researchable

When deciding on the topic to argue about, you should first and foremost ensure that it is researchable. A researchable subject matter has credible sources of facts about it and enough resources to support its claim and stance. Also, these materials should be easy to locate.

The subject should be debatable

The topic you decide on must be debatable. For it to be debatable, it has to be controversial and attract different points of view. For example, writing on the importance of security guards in a bank is not debatable because no one is going to disagree with this statement.

Instead, you can give your topic an approach to the question. For example, whether the punishment for bank robbers is effective in controlling the situation or not, now is debatable. Another point could be whether the security guards could have prevented the robbery or not. These issues can raise different opinions and thoughts, which is what shows that it is debatable.

It should be current

A good argumentative topic should be current. A current theme that has not been discussed for years will always call for a debate. Subjects such as the legalization of abortion, marijuana, the death penalty, etc. Stoics are new, relevant to society, and are still discussed in different contexts. They would certainly qualify a good argumentative essay.

The subject should be manageable

For a topic to be manageable implies that it isn’t too broad, so much that it becomes impossible to cover all aspects in your essay. You should be more specific in your topic. Discussing global or national issues are often difficult to manage, you should either avoid them or narrow down your views.


The importance of a good argumentative essay theme cannot be overemphasized. Usually, a good argumentative essay is supposed to be interesting to read and this mostly depends on the topic written about.

By following the above attributes of a good argumentative essay subject matter, you are one step forward to writing a good and interesting write-up.

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