How to find a job in Poland

How to find a job in PolandYou can find a job in Poland either on your own or with the help of specialized companies. When looking for a job, a job seeker should know first of all how to check the future employer, how to prepare documents correctly and not to make mistakes, which can lead to deportation, a large fine or a ban on entry into the Schengen area.

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How to look for a job in Poland

If you are looking for a job in Poland, you can turn to recruitment agencies for help. These agencies deal professionally with recruiting employees for Polish employers. The authority of the agency representatives ends at the moment of signing the employment contract between the employee and the employer.

The most common way of looking for a job in Poland is as follows:

  1. Searching for an employer.
  2. Clarification of the terms of employment.
  3. The employer draws up a document permitting a foreigner to work in Poland.
  4. Sending the permit to the foreigner.
  5. Issuance of a Polish visa by the foreigner.
  6. Entry of the foreigner into the territory of the Polish state.
  7. Drawing up an employment contract between the employer and the prospective employee.

Only after the employment contract is drawn up is the foreigner legally entitled to perform the duties entrusted to him.

Where to look for a job in Poland

There are several ways of looking for a job in Poland; the most common are four.

You can search for vacancies by

  • searching for vacancies in specialized print media;
  • visiting a potential employer in person;
  • looking at job fairs;
  • applying to the labour exchange.

These methods are most suitable for foreigners who are already in Poland.

Those applicants who are outside Poland can use specialised online resources to find a job. The purpose of such services is to make it possible for potential employees and employers to find each other.

The convenience of using such services is that:

  1. There is a large database of various vacancies.
  2. Both employers and job seekers can post their advertisements.

These online resources can be either Polish or aimed at the Republic of Poland. In the latter case, the online job search portals may be localised in the country of residence of the potential employee.

Additionally, foreigners living outside of Poland can try to search for job vacancies using the most common social networks and messengers. The disadvantage of this method is fragmented information and a high probability of providing unreliable data. Positive and negative aspects converge in this search method. Employers value this method because it allows them to get in touch with potential employees quickly, but it is also the most common method for fraudsters.

Most job advertisements look quite benign. Nice offers, tempting promises, nice conditions. In reality, however, you can often run into scammers who do not intend to do what they say they will do.

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