How to Choose A Real Estate School (5 Tips)

What Are the Best Real Estate Schools?

Are you hoping to become a realtor? It’s a rewarding and potentially very lucrative career, but you’ll need to get licensed first.

That means taking pre-licensing courses and passing the real estate exam in your state. Attending a good (and accredited) real estate school is important so you can study effectively.

What to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate School

There are many great lists of real estate schools out there, and you can find plenty of them on websites like AgentAdvice and

Keep in mind that the “best” real estate school for you depends on your circumstances. Here are some key factors when choosing a real estate school.

Does Your State approve the Real Estate School?

In many stages, you need to complete a pre-license education course. This means meeting a certain number of hours from schools approved by your state.

You can certainly use an online school that provides remote learning only, but it’s important to check your state’s licensing requirements to ensure the school is approved.

Does the Real Estate School Offer Pre-Licensing and Test Prep?

All states require some pre-licensing education before you can get your license. Many online schools offer pre-licensing education and test prep for your licensing exam. (Each state has its licensing exam, so exact requirements vary from state to state.)

You may want a real estate school that offers pre-licensing education and test prep, or you may only want one of those elements. If you already have your license, you’ll want to look for a school that offers specialized education for licensed realtors.

Are the Classes Offered the Right Ones for You?

Even if the real estate school is approved, it may not offer exactly what you want. You might want to go beyond a course that prepares you for the real estate exam and instead opt for one that will help you prepare for life in the workplace.

Different schools offer different classes, and many will have a “basic” or “standard” package of courses that focus on preparing you for the exam, plus premium packages that offer continued education beyond exam prep.

How Long Do You Have to Get a Refund?

Almost all schools offer some refund period: make sure you know how long you have to seek a refund (and any conditions attached) to get your money back if the course isn’t quite right for you. You need to pass real estate exams for managing real estate properly.

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