How to Celebrate Graduation Day Virtually in a Special Way?

Here comes the day when all your efforts, sleepless nights, missing out on parties, time and energy that you put into academics pays off. You’re dressed in your gown, cap and are surrounded by all your loved ones with their eyes glittering with pride. Yes! You guessed it right! We’re talking about graduation day. A day that marks a beautiful end to your years-long journey of patience, struggle and surrendering. No doubt it is a huge milestone and will be remembered by you forever.

However, we’ve experienced a great transition since 2020. Everything in the world seemed to pause, no human contact, no social life, and no normalcy. And, we can all agree it has been very hard on us. But as humans always do, we adapted to it! We decided to move on and survive while making this a new normal.

How to Celebrate Graduation Day Virtually in a Special Way?

Digitalization spread like wildfire. Technology proved to be our best friend. We found alternatives to connect with people, to work, to shop, to study, and to entertain ourselves and celebrate as well!

Virtual life sure can’t tower real-life experiences. But who says it can’t be equally electrifying!

Oh! If only an offline party was possible, if only I could gather a few people! We can always think of ifs and buts. But it takes us nowhere. So instead of being grumpy and losing the joyous moment; why not celebrate it majestically!

Here are a few tips on how to Celebrate Graduation Day Virtually:

1] Choose a Platform

First things first, choose the platform where you plan to have the virtual celebration. It could be zoom, Google meet, houseparty, and so on. Keep password so as to make the meet secure. Display a social wall that makes the celebration similar to a traditional one. You could add backgrounds with superlatives for your student.

2] Set Things Up at Home

Don’t decorations elevate every festivity?

Decorate your room the way you’d like to see it on graduation day. You could all decide on a theme and decide decors. Put up balloons, fancy lights, get backdrops, create crafts, and use props if you want any.

Celebrate Graduation Day Virtually

3] Videos

Don’t we all crave to be appreciated? With years of effort put in, when a child finally graduates, their happiness knows no bounds. At this moment, all their work being appreciated and their loved ones telling them how proud they are feels beautiful. Put together a heartwarming video, making use of a graduation video maker. Celebrate is an amazing video-making tool that can make your every occasion memorable. Connect with everyone the Graduate adores, and have them talk of good memories, stunning qualities of the Graduate, funny moments etc. You could also add in pictures of the Graduate from childhood to today and convey how beautifully they have grown up. A wish from their favorite celebrity can make them super happy!

4] Dress Code!

The first thing that strikes a majority of us when talking of any celebration is WHAT TO WEAR?

Isn’t it tough to imagine Halloween without costumes, Christmas without tints of red, green, white?

Dresses make every event more lively!

So decide on a dress code for the graduation ceremony as well. It will magnify the effect and will be more enjoyable. The Graduate should undeniably be in their cap and gown! Even the pictures will come out great!

5] Send Out Invitations

Digital invitations know no limits! They can be anything and everything you imagine them to be. Think and create creative invites and send those forward to the people you will have for the party.

6] Digital Countdown Clock

Celebrate Graduation Day Virtually in a Special Way

As Shakespeare quotes ” All things that are, are with more spirit chased than enjoy’d.” Sometimes anticipation is way more exciting than the real event. Having a digital countdown will definitely make it feel more exciting than it already is.

7] Plan Games

Hosting an online celebration opens doors to a plethora of game options. You could incorporate games that bring up the zeal! Games like Pictionary, Charades, and Cards against Humanity never grow old! A trivia game about the student is also a very good option.  You could then reward the winners as well.

8] Music

Nothing is complete without music. Choose good background music that plays on during the celebration.

You can add on whatever you have in mind. Have everyone get similar menus, cupcakes etc. You could make break rooms.

Lastly, record the entire event! This is highly impossible when talking of a real event. You cannot record each and everyone, but virtually it is easily doable! You can take snapshots too!

As it is widely said, it’s not the place or grandeur that matters. What matters is who accompanies you on your big day. It’s not about the celebration, it’s about the people.

So what if traditional graduation day can’t be celebrated, if you have the right spirit and enthusiasm, you can turn any celebration into a glorifying blast!

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