Top Tips On How Not To Start Your College Essay

Top Tips On How Not To Start Your College EssayIn any composition, the main thing is its beginning.

It should be interesting, exciting, original, very good when the introduction makes reading further and causes the reader with different feelings.

The style of the beginning of the text should coincide with its theme and genre.

The essay is a prose work of a small volume, written in accordance with a given function and in strict accordance with the topic, the essay reflects the subjective point of view of the author, based on the analysis of theoretical and analytical materials in the chosen field of research.

That is, the introduction should be concise, consists of 2-3 proposals, and gives an idea of the topic of the composition.

For most authors, writing a good introduction is a problem.

A lot of mistakes are allowed, which should not be done. There are ten kinds of worst introductions in the essay prepared by the Essays Kingdom.

Steer clear of dubious sources

Do not blindly trust the facts from the training sites. Wikipedia is not always a reliable source of information.

The articles in it are allowed to make edits to any users.

The best sources of information: are;

  • official statistics on the websites of the relevant structures;
  • sends scientific printed articles of candidates or professors of sciences;
  • information from official websites of companies;
  • scientific works of public figures;
  • popular scientific and scientific literature.

If you decide to use statistics in the article, give preference to relative values.

The percentage ratio is perceived easier, than not always understandable absolute indicators.

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Self-explanations and unnecessary comments

When you gave us this assignment to “describe in detail a place causes positive emotions,” my initial thought was to write about the village of my grandmother.

A beautiful introduction, but there is a lot of unnecessary text.

Why describe the task?

It is better to start right away with the point.

Appreciate not only your time but also the time of the readership.

Do not try to shock

The authors consider the best beginning of the essay – to tell shocking news. The method is good, but only if you succeed in sticking to intrigue. In such work, you need to surprise, do puzzles, keep the reader confused constantly. Suitable for artistic essays.

Why can such a beginning be bad?

The author can start from a shocking description and then write boringly simply. The reader loses interest.

Desires to finish reading to the end disappears.

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Avoid cliches and mixed metaphors.

Start writing with incomprehensible words, terms, complex phrases – a bad decision. This will confuse the reader, will not give him a proper idea of the essay.

There will be an idea – if everything is complicated and confusing, it will not be any better.

The text should be read easily, but make you think (if the moral and ethical subjects).

Example of the bad start of composition:

If you do not take into account politics, the weather and women (the latter is mostly spoken and categorically judged by adolescents of the puberty period and complexed muzhiks of early and middle menopausal age), then medicine – medicine and our medicine, in the nearest way – is a topic about which is judged and ranks all.

Not relevant facts to the topic of the essay

A person always wants to seem smart and erudite.

Uses complex words, terms, phrases.

But worse, when he writes quotes of famous people or generally accepted facts, which are not related to the topic of the story.

It’s like starting an article on obesity with a quote from Hippocrates: «Medicine often brings us comfort, sometimes – a cure, but very rarely – a complete cure.» A person has a complete misunderstanding of what is happening and the question: «How does this phrase relate to the topic of obesity?»

The advice is to induce statistics, book quotes, aphorisms, interesting facts only when necessary.

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Don’t get too cute

People like to quote their relatives, considering it a ridiculous and cute way to attract the attention of the public.

But using such a maneuver in scientific articles or essays on serious topics is foolish and not appropriate.

Characterizes the person as incompetent and not indicated in the subject.

Too much «water.»

A maneuver is used when you need to type a certain amount of paper, and it is problematic for a writer to do this.

He writes unnecessary, uninteresting information, stupid expressions. Do not be informative or useful to the reader.


«This is a very important topic, which I decided to talk about in my article, which is presented below.»

Be simpler in your expressions. Nobody likes complexity in the texts.

Never plagiarize

Better a simple sentence than a beautiful one and copied from another essay.

Especially if writing articles is the main activity and way of earning.

Better work on your own style, learn the mistakes of others, ask others to comment on the work.

Do not use the word «I»

Starting an essay with a question to the audience is a good idea. But use a neutral tone.

An example of a bad entry:

«Could I have thought that this would happen to me?»

This option is suitable for an artistic text, but not for an essay.

Loud statement

The beginning is necessary to acquaint the public with the topic of the essay. It is not recommended from the initial proposals to fiercely defend their opinion. Gently and briefly tell about it.

To bring the position, to lead arguments follows in the bodies of the academic work.

The size of the introduction

In some authors, the beginning of the text is equal to its main part. So it should not be—ideal entry size – up to 3 sentences.

This is enough to explain to the reader the essence of the work and the problem about which it will be written.

The introduction, then the main part

The main mistake of inexperienced writers. If you still do not have the proper experience in writing an essay, better start with the main part.

Then think about what style of entry is best, start. This will eliminate the problem of the complete inconsistency of the text with its beginning.

Know – the introduction is the same important part of the text as the main one. It should also be given due attention and quality.

The initial impression of a writer depends on him.

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