How Can Leaders Reinforce Values and Influence Organizational Culture?

How Can Leaders Reinforce Values and Influence Organizational Culture?Company values refer to the guiding principles and beliefs held by a company collective. They help colleagues work together well as a team and work towards common goals.

Values go hand in hand with company culture. A business’s shared attitudes and practices ensure everyone is on the same page and happy at the workplace. But it is no good simply mentioning values and organizational culture during employee inductions and leaving it at that.

Both employees and customers expect today’s businesses to have strong values and ethics and stick by them. So, it is important that leaders actively reinforce company values and influence organizational culture.

Let us take a look at how you can do that.

Lead by Example

In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever before for job seekers to review companies’ mission statements, values, and so on, to find out whether a company fits their values and cultural expectations.

In fact, with sites like JobSage, it becomes even easier for job seekers to find employers who share their values. The employer review site enables you to learn about a specific company’s purpose, inclusion, growth potential, flexibility options, and more.

Because today’s job seekers are looking to match their values with those of employers, it means employers and leaders who actively reinforce values and organizational culture help to make their companies more attractive to both potential employees and customers.

As a leader, it is critical that you follow the advice of Gandhi as he said, “be the change you want to see in the world.”.

When you set an example, others will follow. So, be aware of values and company culture at all times to ensure you are representing those values and beliefs to the max.

How you communicate and behave, and how you handle both setbacks and wins, can affect how you influence organizational culture and company values.

Demonstrate your values in your actions, and you will become a strong influencer of company culture. You will boost employee engagement too.

Focus on People

Successful leaders who have a strong influence on organizational culture focus on the social good of employees, customers, and anyone else connected to the company, like contractors and investors.

To achieve that, you need to be able to place your attention on the deeper and emotional needs of people, have strong organizational and communication skills, and solve issues creatively. You also need to be an excellent listener.

At the end of the day, the more supportive you are of others’ needs, the more you can make a positive impact on company culture and ensure workflows remain smooth, efficient, and productive.

Care About Employee Wellbeing

Following on from the last point, for a leader to be able to reinforce values and influence organizational culture, he or she needs to genuinely care about the wellbeing of employees. Not only do you need to care. You also need to actively show employees that you care.

Having time to hear concerns, paying attention to employee problems, and finding effective solutions all contribute to good company culture and a happy workplace.

You could also consider providing employees with training programs to help them develop their careers, as well as giving wellbeing initiatives, such as providing gym memberships.

When you find ways of caring for employees, you directly reinforce values and influence company culture.

Summing Up

You cannot lead by example if you do not know what your company values are, how they apply to the real-world workplace, and how they can influence your organizational culture.

So, you should first ensure you have the knowledge and skills required. Think about how you communicate and behave, and focus on people to show you genuinely care, and you will soon be able to set a good example that others will follow.

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