Why home tuition is gaining popularity in Singapore

Why home tuition is gaining popularity in SingaporeSingaporeans commit strongly to educational achievement and focus greatly on educational excellence.

The role of private tuition or home tuition, along with the high education system, is responsible for the overall success of the Singaporean students.

Therefore, Singapore topped the PISA rankings in reading, science, and math.

There are some startling figures about the same. About 40 percent of preschool students, 60 percent of high school students, and 80 percent of primary school students in Singapore opt for private tuitions.

On average, Preschoolers opt for two hours of private tuition per week, and primary aged students opt for three hours of private tuition every week. There is an increase in many Singaporean tuition agencies, which has grown exponentially since 1992.

There are many other reasons why private tuition has become a popular trend in Singapore? Some of the reasons are listed below:

Teachers feel underpaid

Many teachers feel underpaid in a regular teaching job at the school. Therefore, they opt for private tuitions. Teachers deliver decent lessons at school, but still, there is no change in their income.

Thus, teaching privately is essential for them to handle their financial concerns.

Students face issues with subjects.

When it comes to attending regular school, every student cannot get the same amount of attention from the teacher.

This is a problem for the teacher as well as the student. The teacher may address a few general issues common to all, but every student is unique, and each one may have their problems. Some students are left out because of this.

There are different subjects that a child has to concentrate on. Some students learn easily and quickly while others take time.

To excel at every subject, students need to take private tuition so they can cover up, understand more easily, and excel in different subjects.

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Students can score well.

Some students are weak in studies and need a detailed explanation to understand the complexity of the subject so they can excel at it.

With home tuition, it becomes easier for the student to score well in exams. The private tutor also works on the weak points of the students, which may not be possible in a regular school environment.

Even if the student is good at studies, taking private tuitions helps him or her to sharpen their skills and perform exceptionally in exams.

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Stress-free life for parents

Parents have a busy schedule, and they can’t teach their students regularly because of their jobs or duties. Moreover, they may or may not have teaching skills. Students need an expert teacher who can help them with their studies in a systematic way.

Thus, the trend in Singapore tuition has become quite popular. It is beneficial for the students to study well and properly.

Parents can enjoy complete peace of mind for they are sure that their child is studying from the right person. They do not have to worry about the grades of their children anymore.

Tutors are not miracle workers, but they can certainly lend a helping hand to students so they can move towards academic excellence. They can guide the students and help them overcome their weaknesses.

Private tuition also helps the teachers to enjoy better income, job flexibility, and much more. It is a win-win situation for the teacher as well as students.

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