How to Get Success in Apple Music (6 Tips From Pro Artists)

How to Get Success in Apple Music

The perspective of success varies from person to person. For some creators, the measure of success is only profitability, and others are contented with using their music to self-express.

The music industry is evolving. In the last five years, streaming has become prevalent. Here are some numbers: According to the Recording Industry Association of America, streaming was 3/4 of the U.S music industry revenue in 2018. 80% in 2019.

Due to the pandemic and restrictions, music streaming platforms are even more widespread. Earnings from live music and concerts have significantly dropped. Artists are progressively relying on income from online streaming platforms.

Being recognized by the audience and industry is complicated when you do not have the right platform to place your music.

Fortunately, artists can access numerous platforms, such as Apple music, to create and deliver high-quality music. If you are an artist or just about to start your career and wish to be successful on Apple Music, this will lead you in the right direction.

Do not hesitate. Start now

New beginnings can be intimidating, nevertheless exciting. If you could not find the time or did not have enough motivation to start an Apple Music career, now is the perfect time.

Turn lockdown challenges into opportunities: Join the platform full of aspiring artists.

Apple Music allows artists to sell music online and build the perfect audience. Apple Music provides artists with simplified guidelines.

The first easy step is to claim your account. Next, feel free to upload and share the best of your work with millions of people in seconds only. Be open to changes and ready for surprises.

If your content is not getting enough attention, sharing on social media is not a big deal. You can also create embeddable widgets and badges that lead fans to your artist page, top songs, and playlists.

Determine your audience

First and foremost, define if your music is for the niche or mass audience. Undoubtedly, a larger audience is more desirable.

Niche audiences are valuable because they are often more engaged, active, and responsive; however, the mass audience consists of more potential listeners. A larger audience equals more streams.

Learn the demographics of your target audience.

What makes apple music beneficial is its unique insight, such as absolute play count, average daily listeners, song purchases, and Shazam counts. Knowing your audience enables you to build strong short- and long-term communication plans to gain recognition and popularity.

For artists, Apple Music also provides valuable information on your video views across various dimensions, from geography to gender and age. 

Noticeable cover art

The cover art is the first thing listeners see. It should be distinctive. Distinctive enough to attract the potential listener even before playing your music.

Introducing your music to fans with an individual artist’s image is unique.

If you do not have the skills to make cover art, consider hiring an experienced person or easily find numerous tutorials online that can help you to create unique cover art. ‘consider the following artist image guidelines provided by Apple.

Take advantage of social media.

Social media has become a powerful instrument for musicians, artists, and singers to share their music with a broader audience.

Lockdown has resulted in extra hours spent on social media and opportunities to discover new music from various artists. The proper use of social media can indeed lead you to success.

The right platform can put you in front of your target audience, even if they have not connected with you before. Interact with the fan base using lives, creating YouTube videos about something personal and relatable to your music.

Sharing a story behind your music and engaging with your audience can increase interest. Keep in mind, Videos are powerful tools to spread your message, and people are more likely to respond to videos than written content.

Consistency is the key.

Do not be discouraged if success is not rapid. As people say, great things take time. Focus on making new music. Revise your existing strategy to deliver the right content to the right audience.

Analyze the statistics, discover which of your songs are getting Shazamed the most, and follow this path. Learn which playlists drive the most of your pieces and see your top listeners’ demographics.  Trust us, once done, you will eventually get more apple music streams.

Then you can truly make some profit and widen your audience.

Get inspired

2020 has been successful for numerous artists. The king of apple music, Roddy Ricch, has the music platform’s most-streamed song and album of the year.

“Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd is the second most-streamed song of the year.  In 2020 Rappers dominated the Top 5 most-streamed albums on Apple Music.

People all around the world are excited to listen to your music soon! Contributes to diversity, keeps working hard, and shares your story and product on the rapidly growing Apple Music platform.

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