Five Things You Need to Know About Surviving Your First Year of College

Five Things You Need to Know About Surviving Your First Year of CollegeGoing to college for the first time is all about turning over that new chapter in your life. Getting an education and determining which career path to choose can be both exciting and confusing at times. In fact, some new college students find themselves overwhelmed by the sudden changes. Here is what you need to do when surviving your first year of college.

Ask for Advice

Since going to college is so much different than high school, it’s only natural to feel confused and disoriented. As a freshman, it’s recommended that you plan ahead, so the whole process doesn’t stress you out. An effective way to plan your first year of college is to ask for advice. This means asking people like your parents, what college was like for them and how they got through it. Learning about other people’s college experience can help you get an understanding for what’s to come.

Don’t Miss Out on Orientation

Orientation is a program most colleges offer new students. It’s where you go to learn the ins and outs of the entire college and how it operates. It shows you where to go to attend your classes and you will also be introduced to a variety of resources that will assist you as you learn. These resources include tutoring, getting an advisor and a quiet place to study.

One underestimated aspect of orientation is learning about medical services. College can become so stressful that it affects a student’s mental and emotional health. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, it can be a bit more difficult getting access to it. Thankfully, most colleges have transitioned to telehealth, which means you can get the help you need from the comfort of home or dorm. Telehealth services cater to both physical and psychological needs of students, which is particularly important during the first year.

Get to Know the Area

This mainly applies to people who live on campus and visit it. Getting to know the layout of your college is crucial to having a successful first year. Freshmen often get lost due to not knowing the area. It’s important you learn the entire layout of the area, so you minimize the chances of getting lost. Being lost can cause a lot of unnecessary issues in regards to your academic performance. Frequent tardiness, despite it being unintentional, can impact your financial aid and the overall learning experience.

Mark Your Calendar and Write in an Agenda

One of the most important parts of participating in college is keeping yourself organized. With the abundance of responsibilities you’re going to have, staying organized is a must. Two ways to be better organized is either write your tasks in an agenda and mark certain tasks under a specific date in your calendar. Doing so will keep you informed on what you need to do and how much time you have to do it.

Cut Out the Junk Food

Because of how demanding college can be, it’s important to keep yourself in good health. This means cutting out junk foods and replacing it with a sensible and nutritional diet. Swap out candy for fruit, discard chips for crunchy vegetables and drink caffeine moderation. If you’re craving a certain flavor, infuse your water with your favorite fruit. Although it may take some time, adjusting to life as a new college student is possible. All it takes is a little patience and an open mind.

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