Financial Process Automation: Benefits, Tools and Steps

Financial Process Automation: Benefits, Tools and StepsTechnology has been able to revolutionize every type of activity that can be conducted in the conventional world. Just like everything is getting automated similarly accounting as an activity is also getting automated with the help of financial process automation. It can be described as a process with the help of which technology can be amalgamated with the help of basic accounting functions like bookkeeping and balancing. It is becoming an important part and parcel of modern accounting.

What is financial process automation?

Financial process automation is known to have great advantages for multinational companies which have to maintain accounts worth rupees to billions. In addition, it is also helpful to save time which usually the chartered accountants waste in order to balance. It is one of the biggest advantages of the technology that has been brought into the present world with the help of this process. In this article the advantages of this process would be discussed and at the same time, an attempt would be made to explain how this process is getting integrated in the present world.

Benefits of Financial Process Automation

The list of the advantages has been provided in the following way.

Helpful to record entries

One of the most important activities of accounting is bookkeeping. Bookkeeping can be defined to be a process with the help of which the following actions of the day can be recorded. Financial process automation helps to record the entries automatically. Recording of the entry does not mean that the details get established in the books but it means that accordingly debit and credit could be determined without the application of the human mind. It is known to save a huge amount of human effort which is otherwise lost in maintaining books of accounts.

Easy assessment of profit

Once the entries are recorded in the books of accounts they are treated accordingly by the development of a profit and loss statement which helps to assess the profit and loss that has been obtained by a particular organization after working. Financial process automation tries to determine this entire activity instantly. It helps to determine the amount of profit that has been earned a few minutes after the transaction has been entered in the books of records. It is helpful to save a huge amount of time.

Helpful to determine financial ratios

Usually, a huge amount of time is devoted to the determination of the financial health of an organization by calculating financial ratios like cash flow ratio. Financial process automation is able to calculate all these issues in a fraction of seconds. This helps to get an idea about the financial position of a company and in an organization instantly and accordingly measures can be taken to improve the system.


Financial process automation is a technology with the help of which accounting can be made possible easily and instantly. But despite maintaining such a great speed the accuracy is perfect. This is one of the most important advantages of this system.


It can be easily concluded that it is one of the most important technologies that will be channeling development in the upcoming years, especially in the field of accounting. It has been recognized as one of the important accounting tools that is able to minimize human effort and maximize efficiency.

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