Edutainment as a Means to Learning While Being Entertained

Edutainment as a Means to Learning While Being EntertainedThe equation “education + entertainment = edutainment” fits perfectly when it comes to learning a new language. But, this equation doesn’t elaborate what edutainment means. To keep it simple, the basic definition of edutainment is learning new ideas and concepts in entertainment.

Let’s understand the concept of edutainment considering one of the best examples, “Poor Richard’s Almanack” by Benjamin Franklin. In this masterpiece, Franklin combined education with entertainment using rules of conduct and puzzles. Afterward, Walt Disney used the same concept for the “True-Life Adventures” series. Other examples of edutainment programs include “Mr. Rogers”,” Schoolhouse Rock”, and “Sesame Street”.

This explains that the concept of edutainment isn’t new. But today, technological advancements have revolutionized this category using educational technology to enhance the learning and teaching experience.

Edutainment Helps Master New Language

Learning a new language is sometimes boring and always time-consuming. Even if you try to master the easiest language to learn, you have to face numerous challenges. For instance, memorizing the context of each new word and getting the hang of the fluency can be a challenging task. Fortunately, people can now watch English movies and TV shows in a foreign language with subtitles, which can help greatly

Today, numerous platforms offer incredible features such as subtitles to support foreigners learning a new language. Whether it is Italian or Spanish, people can effortlessly watch foreign content and unlock new linguistic skills. Let’s understand how content foreign language improves your language skills:

Benefits of Using TV Shows to Improve Language

You can make your movie time productive if you do it right. Numerous platforms are available on the internet to make your movie night educational. You can learn various languages by turning on multilingual subtitles and use it for your learning. Some advantages of edutainment to boost your language skills are:

1.      Highly Diverse Content

When you decide to learn a new language using TV shows and movies, you can choose from a wide range of content categories such as romance, documentaries, drama, and soap operas. That way, you have complete control over the content you want to watch without removing the interest factor. Also, the diversity in themes, genres, and narratives enable you to master the language from different angles.

2.      Entertaining and Engrossing

Educational gains by watching foreign movies and shows can be outstanding. Using this technique, you can easily grasp the language while maintaining your attention. Unfortunately, many learners find traditional learning methods dry. This happens because learning resources such as worksheets or textbooks are less interactive and fun.

However, audiovisual resources can change the way learners improve their language skills at home. Watching movies to master a foreign language won’t distract you from your goal.

4. Native Speech

Producers often create TV shows and movies for native speakers. Therefore, this content includes phrases and vocabulary used by real folks. You can keep in touch with trendy new words by watching the latest shows. However, if you watch dated content, you’ll come across grammar and vocabulary from that time. However, that can also bring fluency and nativity to your lingo skills.

5. Complete Context

Many learners believe that effective learning is to read and memorize the complete resource material available. However, you can do a lot more. By learning a new language using TV shows and movies, you can choose the genre and absorb the information you want to use in your everyday life.

For instance, medical students can watch medical web series and documentaries to familiarize themselves with relatable content in foreign languages.

The Right Techniques to Watch Foreign Movies

Before you start watching foreign movies, make sure you understand the foundation and get the most out of the edutainment technique. Here are some tips:

Edutainment Platform

Choosing the right platform should be your first step to learning a foreign language by watching shows and movies. The right platform includes useful features such as multilingual subtitles, word-to-word instant translation, and content-based on different levels. Lingopie is one of the best tools that includes a perfect language learning system from beginner to advanced level.


Subtitles are the most effective tool in this lingo learning technique. Many applications such as Lingopie offer multi-language subtitles. This means that you can include your native language with the one you want to master.


Binge-watching for entertainment all the time is a bad habit. You need to combine both elements of edutainment, which are entertainment and education. This indicates that you need to stay active and focus on every word.


Break the movie into smaller chunks to absorb more content. Watching a 90 minutes movie could switch your mind into passive watching mode.


When you watch a movie once, you won’t be able to grab the material to study. Therefore, you must watch TV shows or movies multiple times, and review sentence structures and other nuance.


Engagement is another important attribute to actively learn from movies and TV series. Try mimicking the pronunciation and adopt body language to memorize things more quickly.

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