Contribution of Education to Eliminating Social Conflict

Analyzing the Contribution of Education to Eliminating Social Conflict and Extremism

The current century has brought us many great things, from computers to inclusive studying. However, good things cannot exist without something that will cross them out by being terrible.

And because things brought to this century are all awesome, the bad things are as bad as they have never been before. And there are many examples of why it is difficult to fight them and prevent them, but we are going to try to change things that are going on in society today.

The violence is higher than ever before, and mass shootings are happening regularly. The news is flooded with negative things. And all this is now connected with the new creation that came to us from the Eastern world. This thing is terrible, and it is something that countries have no idea how to fight. That is extremism.

Surely, it has already existed for a long time, but the current wave is bigger than ever before. And that is partly due to the education system provided by the government. It is time to analyze why it has become what it is now.

People said that education should be proactive about things like extremism.

However, people tend to forget about such a thing as the fact that the more preventive actions you do, the more you will learn about the problem. And in this case, kids tend to try the illegal stuff.

Therefore, the protective strategy sometimes works differently than it should. So, a new question comes up. And this is the question, what to do in this case?

Well, it is time to change everything and move to a new strategy or somehow make the old work better than before. What needs to be done to the current situation is an increase in the amount of information available to students.

For example, it is necessary to show the difference between different terms such as terrorism, extremism, and others, and information should be spread as widely as possible.

Nowadays, education is already doing some stuff that tries to eliminate social conflicts. First of all, the best method of showing that something is bad is to show an example from history.

The current course of history does not show the whole situation with extremism. Still, social conflicts are more or less shown in the textbooks, and that allows students to get important knowledge about the situation which is happening nowadays.

Those who are using some awesome websites that help you with papers, like the, know that social conflicts will never end because of the nature of a human, but we still need to try to prevent them from happening. The study of extremism is also really important.

Still, at the same, there is a problem because, with international classes, it is quite important to think about everyone in the class, and having someone from a country that is known for various resistance to moving means that you will need to retreat from specific calls about countries or places.

This is what the current education system is working on, and they have not yet found a working path to stop people from prejudging others in classes when learning about extremism.

We can also talk about some programs being applied worldwide to inform students about the problems of social conflicts.

In the United Kingdom, the protective program provides students with information about these things. Still, at the same time, they try not to offend the people who might get offended by the information displayed during the classes.

The same methods are used in some other countries to fight this problem.

However, in the other ones, they have no info on this topic, or it is of minimal quality, which does not allow us to see the situation in the whole size.

And that is where education needs to come up. Books should show readers these terms and how we can deal with them.

However, sometimes the government does not want you to have all the information on the topic. In such a case, self-education will be the best idea if you want to find out everything about the existing situation.

The main problem with this is that you should not believe every source that you have found on the Web about extremism, as some of them are written by those who have some links to the radical movements, and that might somehow get you involved in the situation which will most likely break your life in the future.

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Therefore, make sure that you think twice before trying to contact or communicate with somebody who is a part of one of the movements, as it might also get you both into many problems.

To sum up, we can only say that the educational system is not adapted to teach kids somehow to prevent extremist subjects in their lives.

Also, we have to say that we need to work a lot to fix all these problems. The current preventing systems are not working correctly, making it hard to deal with the problem usually.

Nevertheless, there is great hope that the tendency to get out more and more info will continue, giving readers all the information they need.

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