Digital Marketing Trends in 2021: A Comprehensive Guide

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021: A Comprehensive GuideDigital Marketing garnered a new momentum after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. While industries like travel, Real Estate, and Telecom saw massive drops in traffic, the Media, Pharma, and Food industries were seeing thousands of visitors every day.

People are spending more hours on the internet to buy and share products of the brands they connect with. This presents a massive opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs to increase their brand awareness by making use of the tools available on the internet. Know more about social media marketing from this guide here.

Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

In this changing global landscape, the main focus is on customer-centric experience. Conversions are driven by personalized services. After researching your target audience’s preferences and their browsing habits, you must create and advertise content which they want to see.

Based on the impact of the pandemic on global businesses, here are the digital marketing trends in 2021.

Voice Search

Products like Google Search and Alexa have drastically increased the use of voice search in recent years. As of now, 20% of the total searches made on Google are Voice Search.

By 2021, this number is expected to rise with the dependency of people on smartphones. If you have a checklist for on-page SEO, include Voice Search optimization in it. The best way to do this is to make your content conversational. By using the language in which people talk every day, you will surely rank higher than your competitors for voice search results on search engines.


Despite the negative trends in traffic of different websites, SEO still is a game-changer in the marketing industry. Search engines are constantly upgrading their algorithm to provide better services for their users.

You must keep an eye on the changes in the algorithm to create content tailored for different search engines. Some noteworthy features of Google are Featured Snippets and Voice Search. Optimizing the SEO of your website for producing content for these features is sure to bring you on the first page of Google Search results.

If your site hit by a Google algorithm update, cbmarketing team will help you to recover from the penalty.

Social Media Marketing

Implementing different techniques to keep your business above the competitors is essential in social media marketing. The demand for video content with captions has increased twofold on social media, especially after February 2020.

Online software like InVideo comes with thousands of templates for advertisements, invitations, announcements, and promo videos. All you need to do is get your favourite template and edit it in minutes with your brand name and offerings. Ensure that your content focuses on the requirements of your customer.


Artificial Intelligence has become the centre of Digital Marketing in recent years. AI is leveraged in SEO and chatbot features for creating automated responses. Spending thousands of dollars for hiring staff that manually keeps track of every customer’s engagement with your brand is certainly not feasible in the long run.

So, the AI-powered bots are used in such cases to increase the level of interaction between the customer and brand without using any extra effort. Not only does it talk to your target audience, but it also recognizes the real intention of the search and keeps an account of the previous conversations for providing a human-like interaction experience.

Mobile Optimization

More than half of the searches made on search engines are made from smartphones since 2017. As the world went online during the lockdown imposed in the first half of 2020, mobile searches increased further. Search engines like Google take into account the mobile optimization of your website for ranking it higher on the search engines.

When you optimize your website for mobile phones and other devices, reduce the loading speed by removing any unnecessary elements. Also, it is better to avoid pop-ups or advertisements that can block the text on your website.

Featured Snippets

A study showed that on Google search engine, the Featured Snippet result gets more traffic than the website, which ranks first organically on the results page.

Approximately 55% of Google clicks are attributed to Featured Snippets because they provide clear and skimmable content to the users. As it is positioned above the first ranking content, marketers refer to it as Position 0. Check the keywords used on your competitor’s website. Use them on your website to optimize your page. Always use relevant, unique, and informative content on your website.

Instagram Shoppable Posts

Have you noticed the ‘View Products’ tag on shoppable posts featured on Instagram? These posts are usually created by brands that lure the customer into purchasing their products by creating extraordinary visuals. A recent study showed that about 46% of Instagram users only purchase the products after following the posts of the brand for a while.

Without leaving the social media platform, users can browse, select, and add products to their cart. This presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers to promote their content on social media.

Programmatic Advertising

Automation has become a necessity in this digital world. Hiring employees for manual jobs is becoming expensive with time. If you wish to get the advantages of the changing technology for your benefit, you must leverage programmatic advertising.

It provides the automation of buying and selling transactions made of your brand by maintaining an ad inventory in real-time. The job of searching for the placement of ads, preparing the paperwork, and negotiating with the publishers becomes a cake walk with this process.

Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers prevent pop-ups and other types of advertisements from obstructing the text of different pages. They have been around for years now, and many users have installed them on their browsers already.

If your target audience heavily uses ad blockers, the chances are that you will never see the advertisement for your products on websites. At such times, you must opt for email campaigns or social media marketing to get the desired results.


The financial impact of Covid-19 is here to stay in the market beyond 2021. But, with the right strategies and their implementation, you can take your business to new heights by leveraging the offerings of technology.

In the long run, you must always stay informed of the upcoming changes in the algorithms of social media platforms, and search engines like Google and Bing. With this, your brand could deliver customer-centric services that generate better ROI.

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