How Dental Industry Catches up in the Modern World

How Dental Industry Catches up in Modern WorldNothing impacts a person’s smile and self-confidence levels than their oral and dental health. And thanks to advancements in technologies used in dentistry, there is no dental issue too big to treat or rectify.

Restoring that beautiful smile has become easier than ever before.

But we live in a new age where breathtaking technological innovations are happening with every tick of the clock. In this age and day, technology is greatly changing the way things are done, and the dental industry is no exception.

Thanks to the internet, for instance, many dental practitioners have taken their practice online, making it easier for their clients to schedule appointments or even get helpful information about their dental health without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

From complex technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence to dental treatment using laser beams, there’s a wide range of ways dentistry has changed. Here are some ways how the dental industry catches up in the modern world.

The Internet and Social Media

As mentioned above, the internet has been at the forefront of technologies that increase patients’ access to dental care and treatment. Even in good health, one is recommended to get a dental check-up at least once or twice every year.

However, many people tend to shy away from taking dental visits, perhaps due to the popular myth that dentists are expensive or dental procedures are painful.

Apart from these, some simply do not have enough time to spare for dental visits, considering the busy world of today, whereas others simply forget the importance of routine dental checkups.

With an active website for their practice, dentists can effectively remind individuals about the importance of good dental care, encouraging them to schedule appointments. The same can also be done through other online marketing channels like social media, email, and mobile apps.

Seth Winterer from Digital Logic says that a successful dental practice website will allow customers to schedule appointments, pay bills, and request prescription refills on the site.

Combined with these channels, a good dental practice website can also be used to improve the patient experience from the point of scheduling an appointment to the point where they pay the bill and check out.

As a good dental practitioner, it also makes it easier to follow up on patients to ensure they aren’t experiencing any negative post-treatment effects.

3D Printing for Dental Procedures

How Dental Industry Catches up in Modern World3D printing is among the most breathtaking yet versatile innovative technologies of the century.

While there are many applications of 3D printing across industries, especially in the tech and business worlds, dentistry doesn’t seem to have been left behind. Today, the tech is used to provide solutions for a myriad of dental problems through what is known as 3D resin printing.

Today, the resin is being used in 3D printing to produce dental crowns, dentures, fillings, and dentures in a quicker way and with high levels of accuracy.

Soon, it will be possible to create customized dental devices for patients in a matter of minutes as compared to the days or weeks one had to wait for their dentures to be manufactured in the past.

In addition to its durability and great quality, the resin is the preferred material for dental 3D printing because it offers an excellent finish while producing fine-feature details that are needed in many dental devices.

Green Dental Products

Over the past few years, the world has seen a dire need to adopt the use of environmentally friendly products whenever and wherever possible. In all industries and sectors of economies around the world, going green is a popular phenomenon.

In the dental industry, many manufacturers are adopting the use of natural substances extracted from plants and other elements of nature in the production of dental/oral hygiene products such as toothpaste and toothbrushes

For instance, many types of toothpaste are incorporating substances such as charcoal, whereas toothbrushes are being manufactured using environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, which can be mass-produced in a matter of days.

This way, manufacturers can minimize the use of (potentially harmful) chemicals and artificial substances such as plastic, who’s manufacturing only adds up to our world’s carbon footprint.

Laser Dentistry

Laser technology is yet another piece of tech that has gained popularity, especially in the cosmetic world.

In dental health, laser treatment is particularly used in cosmetic dentistry, with applications such as teeth whitening, gum reshaping, root canal procedures, lesion removal, and in removing tooth decay, among others.

The good thing about laser treatment for dentists is that it ensures less discomfort to the patient, reduces the likelihood of excessive bleeding, and allows shorter recovery time for patients after dental procedures.

Since laser beams are effective in sterilizing surfaces, the approach also reduces the chances of infection by bacteria during and after dental procedures. In some surgical dental procedures, the dentist may not have to induce anesthesia.

Patient Management/Tracking Software

Thanks to modern digital automation tech, it becomes easier for dentists and their offices to keep track of their patients and manage their operations without hiccups.

Today, many dental practice management software programs have been developed to help dentist offices with getting new clients, managing appointment schedules, keep track of their existing patients, and manage a wide range of other functions in an organized, more efficient manner.

This automation simplifies the workload for dentists and their team while improving patient care, which in the long run, can help improve your practice as a dentist.

Digital Impressions

How Dental Industry Catches up in Modern WorldThis is yet another top-edge tech that is being used in modern dentistry.

With digital impressions equipment and computer programs, dentists can use lasers and other optical scanners to create virtual replicas of specific oral tissues, hard and soft.

This tech has eliminated various challenges that dentists faced a few years back, like cracked clay casts and deteriorated wax molds. It’s another piece of tech that has the dental industry catching up with the modern world.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, many other technologies are being used in the dental world. Today, for instance, we have electric toothbrushes that come equipped with Bluetooth technology.

Another example is the advanced dental turbine, which is more powerful than traditional versions, produces less noise, allows improved patient safety, and is more durable.

Especially for the minimally invasive dental procedures like teeth whitening, cavity filling, and tooth extraction, robot dentists are also being developed, thanks to development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.

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