Crypto Market: Know How it Works

Crypto Market: Know How it WorksThe crypto market is expanding gradually. Several new currencies are introduced to the market in the past few years that promise to make transactions easier. In this article, the various aspects of cryptocurrency and the market will be elaborated upon.


We believe that one of the most important economic innovations of the 21st century is cryptocurrency, and we have reasons to attest to this view. For the first time, we have digital currencies that are not regulated by any external bodies. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to be conceptualized, promised to make transactions more time-efficient. These currencies are decentralized, which means unlike the legal tenders that exist today, these currencies are not regulated by any external regulatory bodies, such as banks or the government. It will help to create an ecosystem that would support a decentralized economy which is in much need today.

The chance of increasing productivity is high as the crypto ecosystem is deregulated and is not controlled by a single governing body. Big players of the global economy are taking interest in the crypto market to maximize their profitability by welcoming changes to existing monetary transactional networks. As we know from the news Elon Musk, the much-acclaimed CEO of Tesla, has invested 1.5 billion USD in the Bitcoin network. This staggering sum is almost 8% of the company’s total assets. If other corporations like Apple, Microsoft follow Tesla’s footsteps and invest a portion of their net asset in the crypto market, the growth rate will positively increase. We can safely assume from the market trends, that if these conditions prevail, the crypto market is bound to increase, where values of popular currencies like Bitcoin will easily surpass the 100,000 USD mark before the year ends.

If you are interested in investing in the crypto market to increase the value of your existing asset, you need to be aware of the various market trends which will help you make the right trading decisions. Ready on to find the details of the crypto market.

The crypto market and some of the popular currencies

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that inaugurated the concept of this novel peer-to-peer digital currency. With its increasing popularity, since its bull run in 2017, where the value of a single Bitcoin rose to 20,000 USD from its value of 5000 USD, a lot of new currencies have been introduced in the market. Today there are around 4000 cryptocurrencies. Here are a few popular ones.

Elrond- Elrond uses a blockchain protocol that is part of the DeFi, IoT, and FinTech ecosystem. By using a sharding network that divides storage and computational data across partitioned networks, it can carry out over 1000 transactions per second. The native token of this network that is used for fees payment is EGLD

NANO- NANO is a peer-to-peer system of transactions that promises secure exchange. It is surprisingly fast compared to other currencies. Due to the absence of any regulatory body, there is no service fee for transactions that are carried through this network. Unlike most popular cryptocurrencies, NANO does not employ blockchain technology. It uses a mathematical tangle that is based on an acyclic graph.

IOST-  the IOST network uses a blockchain protocol that is similar to EOS or Ethereum. The protocol used in this network can accommodate the development of Dapps and wallets. Although it is similar to other currencies, it has the potential for much faster transactions than EOS or Ethereum.

Blockchain protocol

As we all know, blockchain is the cutting-edge technology that is used by most of the popular cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, Ethereum to IOST. What makes the blockchain popular is its decentralized nature of control. The digital ledger of this technology is not regulated. Every transaction detail is registered as a block of memory that is mined in the existing chain. The blockchain is also much more reliable as it’s not prone to tampering. Any block, once it has been mined, is registered across various computer networks called nodes. This makes cryptocurrencies a secure mode of transaction that does not require manual security or the cost to maintain such outdated security models.


Crypto market seems like a profitable venture. However, basic research on the market trends is necessary to minimize loss.

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