Comparison of Web Browsers for Windows

Comparison of Web Browsers for WindowsWhen people started to use the internet, most of them used were using Internet Explorer as the primary web browser.

However, these days this browser has lost market share compared to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. When Windows 10 was presented to the public, Microsoft launched a new browser Edge that is highly competitive as well thanks to its Cortana feature an excellent markup capability.

In this article, we will compare Chrome, Firefox, and Edge to find out which web browser provides the fastest and safest Internet experience.

Performance and speed

If you compare the speed of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox 64 bit is the best.

On the second place, we can put Chrome and then Edge. If you do a benchmark test for browser functions like resizing screens, 2D/3D performance, rendering graphics, and crunching numbers, Chrome browser takes the lead here, and Firefox with Edge come after.

If you want to know how long it takes Edge, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to display web sites with vast media content like or, the Edge delivered the fastest results in terms of speeds in general. As for the speed to display web pages and to process JavaScript, choose Edge.

chrome vs firefox vs edge

Layout and user interface

People like web browsers, which have an intuitive manner. It is convenient for users when all the core controls are placed in one place, which is easy to get access.

If you use Firefox, you can be sure you will reach all the main functions smoothly with reduced clutter on your computer screen.

You will go to your favorite web pages hassle-free, and all distracting buttons will be kept out of your sight. All web browser show good results. They save your screen space by placing all the tabs at the top of the window in a separate title bar.

After an in-depth test, Chrome turned out to be the cleanest. Edge’s layout has a modern look, which helps it look minimalistic with some additional buttons it has at the end of the URL bar.

The top bar of Edge has the following icons: Reading mode, Favorites, Hub, Make a Web Note, Share, etc.

However, many users consider it to be more clutter compared to Chrome.

The winner is Mozilla Firefox browser thanks to its customizability and great sharing options.

edge is best


Chrome and Firefox support many extensions, which can enhance your Internet experience.

Chrome has some add-ons, which run offline. They can be integrated with Google’s existing services. You can use the functions like Save to Google Drive or Tags for YouTube.

Still, Chrome has much more extensions to make your online life more manageable. Edge just expects to get extensions in the near future.

Standards support

All three web browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox) support the major Web standards. The only difference is how these web browsers extent of support.

To give you an example, Edge supports five HTML5 capabilities, which Firefox and Chrome both support seven, which is the highest result.

All mentioned web browsers support the JavaScript engine for delivering 3D graphics. Usually, the best results come from Chrome.

Special features

Every web browser has a unique set of special features to win the competition.

Chrome tabs can be cast to your TV (make sure you have a Chromecast). Chrome has an autofill feature for forms and passwords, which helps users avoid think up a security code every time you create a new profile.

chrome is the best

Chrome can import your browsing history, save your passwords, and even open tabs on different devices.

Firefox has the Firefox Sync feature, which is available if you’re signed in to your Firefox Account.

Firefox has a set of extra features, including Firefox Hello for video conferencing, the built-in developer support for color dropping and debugging.

firefox is the best

The most outstanding feature of Edge is Cortana.

It will serve you as a private concierge who is always ready to provide information on your request. You just have to highlight an unknown word, right-click, and the Cortana feature will explain everything to you. Cortana can display pictures/directions/reviews.


After testing these popular web browsers, Chrome wins the competition due to its excellent standards support, extra features, and extensibility. Its performance is pretty well.

Firefox takes second place thanks to its customizable layout and outstanding performance. Edge did an excellent start to gain people appreciation thanks to its clean look and the Cortana feature.

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