How to Choose the Right Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

How to Choose the Right Home Tuition Agency in SingaporeGetting a tutor is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A tutor who’s a great fit with your child can make all the difference in the learning experience, and can maximize the benefits that your child can get.

Among the safest ways to ensure that you can get the right tutor for your child is by working with a tuition agency as they do their part in screening the tutors that they take onboard. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just choose any tuition agency.

As with anything we purchase, there’s a perception that products with a hefty price tag automatically translates to good quality. However, that is not always the case. You must look beyond the price points. To help you assess the wide choices of tuition agencies in Singapore, here are some of they key evaluation criteria that you should take into consideration:


A tuition agency’s reputation says a lot. You want to be working with a tuition agency with a track record of effectively helping students maximize their potential. The first step is to check for credentials and recognition.

An agency with a good reputation would also employ tutors who can help them further their standing. Their hiring policies would likely be more stringent, so you will have confidence that the tuition agency you will be working with can provide you with a competent tutor for your child.

If you’re not personally aware of tuition agencies in Singapore, then it will be a good exercise to check out the testimonials of other clients so that you may have an idea of the experience other parents had when working with your potential choice of tuition agency. Aside from the testimonials that you may find from tuition agencies’ websites, ask your friends if anyone has worked with a tuition agency and ask them for their personal experience.


Quite related to reputation is experience. It’s a good idea to check out tuition agencies that have been around for quite some time because they have had more experience in working with different types of learners, and should have had enough time to improve their teaching strategies.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically take out new entrants from your list, but there are risks involved in doing so. You will have to be more prudent with the individual tutor your tuition agency may assign to you. It would be a relatively safer option to work with a tuition agency that has established a network of outstanding tutors.

Commitment to Quality

Among the key considerations that you should look for in a tuition agency is their brand promise: what they, as a company, promise their clients. But it’s not just about what the promise is. It’s about what the agency is actually doing to meet that promise.

How do they screen their tutors? What unique strategies do they employ? How do they assess a child’s development? These are just some questions that may help identify how committed a tuition agency is to quality service.

The idea is to find a tuition agency that has the passion to bring out the best in learners, and similarly require this passion from the tutors they work with.

Working with a tuition agency is the best way to land with a tutor that can bring out the best in your child. But with numerous agencies around, you will also need to do a fair share of screening of tuition agencies. The above factors are among the most important aspects that you should check when assessing tuition agencies. With this guide, you are closer than ever in being able to take your child to the next level.

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