3 Best Careers that Involve Helping Others

3 Great Career Options If You Want a Job Helping Others

When you think of the “ideal career,” do you see yourself in a job that allows you to give back to the community and help others? For many people, the joy of being able to help others is something so fulfilling that it isn’t just seen as a good job. For now, it is a lifelong career that will allow you to feel an incredible sense of gratitude and happiness. But what are the best career options for those who want to help others?

The good news is that plenty of careers fit this description, giving you many different avenues to pursue. Here we’ll highlight three of those careers.

  1. Teacher
  2. Police Officer
  3. Nurse


When it comes to helping others, a career as a teacher should be considered. You aren’t just helping others. You’re helping kids develop their skills, build confidence, and help them as they set out on their life path.

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for teachers in 2018 was $57,980.

You will need your bachelor’s degree for this job, whether you plan to work as an elementary or kindergarten teacher. The good news is that there is growth in the field, so there are opportunities.

As for the personal skills needed to excel in this job, one of the most important is that you need patience and understanding.

Each child will be different and finding a way to teach a full classroom of kids while keeping your cool can be difficult at times but also extremely rewarding.

Police Officer

Another career that will allow you to help others is that of a police officer. As a police officer, your job will be to protect and defend people, as reflected in your sworn oath.

You will be responding to emergencies, patrolling areas, making sure people follow the rules of the road, and more.

One thing people don’t always think about when it comes to police officers is the amount of time spent on paperwork – filling out and filing reports. This needs to be done in a meticulous and timely manner, so this is something you should excel in.

Keep in mind a career in law enforcement also carries with it risk, so you have to be the type that is willing to accept that risk, look it in the eye, and not let it rule your career and thoughts.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the median pay of police and detectives at $63,380, as it will change depending on your rank, years of service, and the city/town in which you work.

This particular career is enjoying job growth of 5% at the moment, which is on track with the national average of job growth in general.

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Then there is a career as a nurse. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs if you’re looking to help people. You may be helping people in life or death situations, profoundly affecting their lives.

Nurses can work in various environments, from urgent care to hospitals, private clinics, a doctor’s office, in the military, or even in schools. There are plenty of options.

In terms of pay, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has registered nurses listed with a median pay of $71,730 per year and is enjoying a very high level of job growth – 12%.

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Giving Back Is Natural with These Careers

So, if a career that revolves around helping others is what you’re looking for, each of these rewarding careers would most definitely fit the bill. You can build a great career in these fields with proper career support.

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