Car Malfunctions You Should Beware Of

Every car owner wants the vehicle to work properly. But in reality, drivers are often faced with a situation where the car fails at the most inopportune moment. In our post, we will tell you about the dangerous malfunctions, ignoring which can lead to sad consequences.

If you are in the process of acquiring a used vehicle, the presence of one of the below problems should be the reason for refusing to buy this car or for making a vendor repair it before the purchase. Make sure you have carefully studied the FAXVIN report to define all the possible malfunctions of auto under consideration.

Car Malfunctions You Should Beware Of

Metal Corrosion

Sooner or later, almost every car is faced with the problem of corrosion of body parts. As the metal reacts with oxygen and water, it oxidizes to form rust. What is the danger of rusting, and why should it be taken seriously?

The point is not only that the car loses its presentable appearance and falls in price. The main danger is the loss of strength and rigidity of the metal elements of the auto. The metal becomes thinner and more fragile. Therefore, the body loses its protective properties and can be severely damaged in an accident. Other possible dangers include:

  • Serious corrosion can lead to a deterioration in the car’s handling — due to a decrease in the reliability of attachment to the body, the chassis of the car are displaced.
  • Rust of the bottom and side members is especially dangerous. Checking them should be a priority task.

Gas Distribution System Belt

Nowadays, more and more cars are being designed using this belt. In this way, manufacturers reduce the cost of the machine and facilitate the assembly process. A broken belt can have serious consequences, especially if the vehicle moves at high speeds.

Defective Wipers

Even such an insignificant detail, like a wiper blade, performs an essential function. Its malfunction can lead to serious negative consequences. That is why the use of a vehicle with broken wipers is prohibited.

The wiper blades provide clear visibility and are responsible for your safety on the road. In rain or snow, you simply cannot do without them. Luckily, it is easy and cheap to replace these parts if they are defective.

Beware Of Car Malfunctions

Leaky Fuel System

Violation of the integrity of the fuel hoses, fittings, and a malfunction of the fuel pump — all this can lead to a leak of gas and, as a result, to a car fire. The appearance of smudges under the car or the smell of gasoline in the cabin should be the reason for contacting a car service. You should better not buy a vehicle with such a problem.

Defective Lighting

It is prohibited to operate the car with inoperative light devices. Poor road illumination can cause serious traffic accidents, especially in the evening or at night. The danger is not only a trip with inoperative headlights but also partial damage to them, for example, incorrect light adjustment or clouded lenses. Therefore, it is vital to monitor the condition of the optical elements of the car, wipe them as they become dirty, or replace them in time.

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