Cambridge University Courses

Cambridge University CoursesThe University of Cambridge UK is a very old one which was made around the year 1209.

Now it has a current population of 17-18000 students and 3000 international students as well. It is a huge university located in England, and it has three campuses of women only.

There are a total of 31 campuses, and all of them require you to focus on the mathematics subject even if you are an art student. There are a lot of degrees offered under a lot of course categories, as it is a huge platform offering internationally renowned educational forums.

Anyone would dream of studying here, and nobody can think that they won’t find the course they want.

Categories for courses offered:

Applied and pure sciences (14 subjects)

Architecture and construction (7 subjects)

Business and management (12 subjects)

Computer science and IT (5 subjects)

Creative arts and design ( 11 subjects)

Education and training (16 subjects )

Agriculture and veterinary medicine (5 subjects)

Some of the Course details:

Applied and pure sciences: You study life, nature, and every matter surrounding us. You will tend to develop a sense of high scientific thinking and a method-based approach to solving problems. The subject area includes Astronomy, chemistry, food science and technology, material sciences, physics, biology, earth sciences, mathematics, sports and generals sciences, biomedical sciences, etc.

Agriculture and Veterinary medicine:  Study of land-based industries, rural management, and animal medicine. The subject area will include agriculture, plant and crop sciences, horticulture, farm management, and veterinary medicine.

Architecture and construction: Study of designing buildings and humanities. Applied arts to be intercepted on urban planning, etc. subject area includes architecture, maintenance services, surveying, planning, environment building, construction, and property management, etc.

 Business management: As we all know that business is all about marketing; finance and accounting etc. the same names are used as subject areas in this degree as well. The program course includes training in all these types of courses and majors. The subjects are accounting, management, entrepreneurship, quality management, finance, marketing, retail, business studies, and e-commerce, etc.

Creative arts and design: You will tend to develop a more practical rather than theoretical approach to arts and designing when you opt for this program here. It will be a visual work, and the program is very high in standards. The subject area includes art, industrial design, dance, fashion and textile designing, interior designing, non-industrial designing, crafts, graphics, music, and theatre.

Education and training: Education and training: First of all you will learn to develop skills regarding teaching, training of speech and confidence-building tactics, etc. subject area includes: adult education, childhood education, education management, teacher training, coaching, educational research, career counseling, educational psychology, etc.  


So this is a list of external programs for Cambridge university summer courses that are offered currently, and this pack of information can help anyone to explore their ideas about what exactly they want as their major and how to be prepared for such subjects if they are going to apply for Cambridge University online or as a full-time student.

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