Build A Reputable Backlink Profile With These Seven Methods

Build A Reputable Backlink Profile With These Seven MethodsBacklinks can skyrocket a newly created website’s ranking and they play a very important role for effective SEO. However, they can be very hit-or-miss, especially if you’ve never implemented them before.

The following techniques deliver results in a timely fashion while helping you stay on the right track

  1. Search Relevant Keywords

Google’s Keyword Planner tool shows you the stats on any keyword that you input – from average monthly searches to the level of competition. Choose the most appropriate one for your niche and see how it ranks.

Google will also show some keyword ideas based on the one you entered. The higher the competition, the more trouble you’ll have building a backlink since most of the websites will be taken. Ideally, aim for keywords with the highest number of average searches and the lowest amount of competitors.

  1. Analyze Competition with Ahrefs/Monitor Backlinks

Ahrefs and Monitor Backlinks are all-in-one SEO toolsets that come with a free backlink checker online tool. By entering a specific URL, the tools generate a backlink profile that shows all websites that contain anchor text leading to that URL, as well as some additional info such as domain rating, unique domains, etc. Although the free versions show only limited information, it’s enough to get an idea of what you’re competing against.

  1. Find Social Media Through Spokeo

Finding the social media profiles of the most successful competitors can reveal a lot of their rewarding tactics. Because of this, they’ll often do everything in their power to hide them. Fortunately for you, they have to leave some of their contact info so that people can reach them. This usually is their email address or a phone number. As it turns out, that’s all you need.

Spokeo is a web-based people intelligence tool that uses everything from public records to mailing lists in order to find the exact person that you’re searching for. When you locate any of the two aforementioned pieces of data, you’ll need to either run an email search or a phone number lookup to get the exact links of your competitors’ social media accounts. All that’s left for you to do then is to see how they manage to attract a large number of people – either through their advertising techniques, well-structured posts, or some other method.

  1. Apply the Broken Link Method

This technique relies on discovering websites related to your niche that contain broken links. When you find one, you contact the webmaster to notify him of the issue. Introduce yourself, include the exact URL where you found the broken link and recommend your own website as a replacement. Be as friendly as possible with the right intentions in mind – don’t beg them for a promotion. Since broken links are an SEO problem by themselves, the webmasters will more than likely listen to your advice.

  1. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting for larger, more established websites gives you the opportunity to show your knowledge while building an audience. Establishing a relationship with other competitors has more benefits than being rivals. Focus your effort on creating content only for the highly reputable websites – there’s no point in having a backlink from a website with poor domain authority. Even if there isn’t a page dedicated to those who wish to apply for a guest post, don’t be afraid to contact the authors directly.

  1. Implement Crowd Marketing

Crowd marketing works for one simple reason – it attracts a large number of people. When you write a post advertising a certain product or a service and the company links back to you, a large majority will follow to see what they’re offering. Once they’re on your website, it’s up to your skills to keep them entertained. Give them a reason to come back for more, even if it’s for something unrelated to the product that they’re after.

  1. Add Links To Social Media Profiles

If you’ve already gathered a large following on any of the social media websites, the struggle of promoting your website is basically halved. This method should be implemented both ways – add links to your posts on the social media profile, as well as social media sharing buttons on your posts. When implementing the former method, don’t just copy & paste the link and expect readers to come pouring in. Put some effort into promoting the content and spiking the people’s interest. Make sure to link to every single new post that you put out in order to increase your chances of being noticed.

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