Brainbuxa: What it is?

Brainbuxa: What it is?

Education in India is an interesting case study. Although it is a topic of heated discussions, education in the country remains highly neglected at all levels. The government has little to show for its tall claims of revamping the education sector in the country.

To fill this humungous gap between the demands of high-quality educational resources and their supply in the country, Brainbuxa has come into being. Having established itself as the leading education blog in India, Brainbuxa comes in with a unique concept of infotainment, which means taking the best of both worlds; information and entertainment.

This free-of-cost (for the users) education portal has taken large strides since its inception.

Besides providing the most authentic daily education news and insightful blogs for the students and job seekers, Brainbuxa also publishes candid interviews of successful entrepreneurs, thus encouraging the readers and showing them a path that no book can.

Brainbuxa Review

The unbiased daily education news updates published by the Brainbuxa education portal ensure that the students are in touch with all the upcoming exams, notifications, trends, changes, and much more.

But do not think for a second that Brainbuxa is all about nerdy content. Some of the most happening college fests across the country are featured on the Brainbuxa education portal, thus giving the students enough chances to steam off the pressure of studies.

Whether you are an organizer of the event or an interested participant in the event, this section is open to both of you. You can either register your event or register for an event at Brainbuxa.

While many other similar education blogs in India claim to be the top deal and publish daily education news and blogs regularly, what makes Brainbuxa stand out are features such as Ask & Answer.

While the first reaction to any query these days is to ‘Google’ it, no authenticity is attached to any answers coming up on the Google search.

Brainbuxa Launches Mobile App

However, Brainbuxa offers a trusted platform for the students and job seekers to get their questions answered by fellow students or experts in the field.

Any question regarding education or job can be quickly posted in the Ask & Answer section of the portal, and appropriate answers will be provided in no time!

With hundreds of colleges coming up in the country each year, the authenticity of these colleges is a matter of debate. Students enrolling in bogus colleges end up suffering a huge deal after realizing that the degrees offered by such colleges would be no good.

This is where the college listing published by Brainbuxa can be a game-changer. Brainbuxa education portal has carefully crafted the profiles of various colleges in the country.

If you can find it on Brianbuxa, you can bet that it is an authentic college. Check out the Brianbuxa education portal today and be a part of an academic revolution in the country! Just a few clicks on Brainbuxa can save your future.

Brainbuxa Education Portal has recently launched an Android Application for Worldwide Mobile Users. Now Students can go through Latest Education News, Job Updates, and Inspiring Interviews on mobile. Thousands of users have downloaded the Android application in Just a month.

You can Download Latest Android App. Of Brainbuxa from Google Play Store.

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