Bitcoin: Best Documentaries

Bitcoin: Best DocumentariesNothing is as good as a good documentary. A movie that’s so wonderful that it’s nearly unreal. These are people’s stories, like we do, that achieve superhuman achievements of courage, power and resolve. An excellent documentary combines what is genuine with what is strange and inspires us to examine ourselves and the truth of our limits. Crypto-monetary is a unique narrative that fits into this weird and unlimited world of human potential. Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous to this day. Its concept is innovative, and the latest technology appears to make the future a reality. Here are some entertaining documentaries and Bitcoin-based flicks. Bitcoin is just ten years old and is currently a rising crypto asset for the general public. An excellent documentary is a simple approach to relax and enjoy knowing what Bitcoin is and can do. For more precise and accurate information, visit the

Bitcoin — Shape the Future

If you want to understand more about the Chinese attitude toward Bitcoin and the crypto-country in China, this is suitable for you. It is the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary, highlighting businesses like Bitmain and Huobi inside the Chinese cryptography field.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Daniel, an administrator of thirty databases, is a Bitcoin fanatic who mines Bitcoin in its basement. Bitcoin’s Rise and Rise follows him as he learns more about Bitcoin, from interviewing early adopters in the area like BitInstant’s Charlie Shrem and TradeHill’s Jered Kenna, his experience in buying items from merchants using Bitcoin to buying more equipment for his basement mining operation. The documentary only follows him for one year (2013) but reacts to important events in the history of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: The End of Money

This video analyses the history of money and technical innovation trends to explain how the contentious Bitcoin cryptocurrency operates. Is it money’s future or a financial disaster recipe? The documentary takes us through the old civilization, Wall Street and the present money system and finally, Bitcoin’s enormous potential in the modern world.

The Bitcoin Gospel

Like Bitcoin’s The Rise and Rise, the Bitcoin Gospel is zooming on select people in the Bitcoin space, including Roger Ver, an evangelist from Bitcoin, Marshall Long, one of Bitcoin’s earliest miners, financial activist Brett Scott and Izabella Kaminska, a financial Times reporter. This video offers us a feeling of how Bitcoin operates on the ground, its genesis and how it may be a significant disturbing factor in the world economy – but also of some of the system’s main flaws.

The Bitcoin Experiment

Is Scandinavia Bitcoin ready? This is the beginning location of “The Bitcoin Experiment,” a street video about the Bitcoin blockchain and digital cash that may be recorded using a drone. Amund Sveen leads us from Oslo on a road journey through Copenhagen, Göteborg and Stockholm to Sweden. He also searches for surroundings and meets Bitcoin individuals as users, attorneys, government officials, enthusiasts and sceptics. The expedition concludes at the tiny village of Norrbotten in northern Sweden.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Suppose you are searching for something quick and sweet. The documentary is 35 minutes long, answers questions from many Bitcoin detractors and helps you comprehend the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Life on Bitcoin

Newlyweds Austin and Beccy were set to live on Bitcoin for their first 100 married days. Life on Bitcoin follows her adventure while she tries to find out how to pay for everyday items (her parents had to stop eating!) and find out about a tour around the globe. This experiment was carried out in 2013. While they discovered numerous establishments that did not then take Bitcoin, they could teach restaurants, grocery shops, petrol stations, and even their landlord how to use it.

Magic Money

With global financial turmoil in the headlines, more and more individuals get their money from banks every day. Magic money shows a future in which our money is being taken away from and returned to global entities. Eye-opening!

The Blockchain and Us

Could the blockchain be a breakthrough innovation like the brothers Wright fleeing? This award-winning documentary is light on the blockchain’s technical data but rich in hope, inspiration and application. Through several mini-interviews, leaders from the business, financial, technology and government industries discuss the different ways blockchain technology can benefit and promote a society in areas of confidence, identity protection and security while resolving financial equality issues.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

This documentary goes around the world to see how blockchain technology is utilized for change: it presents refugee identity tokens, creates power shares in localized neighbourhoods, reconstructs how artists get compensated for their work, gives emerging markets new livelihood opportunities and more. It is also a documentary on the Internet and its development since the mid-1990s, what it means to have a network connection to all, and what happens when governments seek to regulate innovation.

Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust

By interviews, animations and pop culture nodes, Bit x Bit is an insight into everything Bitcoin is, where space leaders — some from the early Bitcoin years, but many new ones — tell the storey of Bitcoin’s foundation, from how it was initially regarded as ‘nerd cash,’ to how it became a real unbanked currency option. Because of the latest documentary on our list, this video demonstrates how Bitcoin has grown from past events to the broader acceptance phase of other films it hoped for.

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