Best Tips to Students for Writing a Professional CV

Best Tips to Students for Writing a Professional CVA Professional and well-organized CV is the very first step to get a dream job. The theory that an employer spent several minutes reading the CV does not work anymore. The labor market grows on a daily basis, and competition between employers is significantly increased compared to what? Yesterday? Last year? Ten years ago?. The employer does not have even two or three minutes for each CV, when there are several hundred applications for one position. Based on the Linkedin, the employer only spends six seconds reading a CV. So, a student has six seconds to impress and cause interest in a potential employer. Here are several tips that are highly helpful for every student who would like to have a professional CV.

Well-organized CV

A structured and well-organized resume is easily perceived by the human brain. Therefore, the sorting of information about yourself is significant. Write down separately: personal information, education, working experience, and foreign language skills. If you have ever participated in training, conference, or competition, you can combine them in one paragraph.

There is a high possibility that an employer will not spend time on your resume, if different categories will be mixed. For instance, if participation in training and organizational skills will be together, in the same paragraph.

Personal Information

Every professional CV should start with personal information. Such as official name and surname, email address, and phone number. You can also add a photo, however, be sure that it looks professional, selfies and pictures with inappropriate backgrounds are not acceptable. You are not obliged to indicate the birth date, marital status, nationality. Because, that information may become the grounds for discrimination.

In the personal information section, it is highly recommended to mention the address of your LinkedIn Profile. If you do not have one, do not lose time to register right now. LinkedIn is a platform, where you introduce yourself to professionals in your sphere. And in the future, it is quite possible to find a job through it. If you have never had a LinkedIn account or you are a beginner, the website – will help you to get some followers.


The next step is to take a pen, blank paper, and write everything down that comes to your mind. Do not forget to mention every training, competition, summer or winter school, internship, working experience, education, or special achievement. Add starting and ending dates. The technique of brainstorming assists you in combining  important information, and protects you from skipping. Moreover, attaching certificates and a diploma is the only advantage of your professional CV.

Foreign Languages

Professional resume must include a section of foreign languages. It is more impressive to give potential employers detailed information regarding the level of knowledge. Make sub-paragraphs and separate listening, speaking, and writing sections. If you do not have a language certificate, you can ask your teacher or a professor to assess your level. While indicating the results in your sub – paragraphs, use the internationally recognized system of defining the knowledge level.


Nowadays, education and knowledge are not enough to start a job. The employer should see your professional and organizational skills in order to be sure – you are capable of  performing a particular task. So, write down your skills such as research skills, time management skills, good communication skills etc. Read job applications carefully , an HR manager always mentions the required skills and you can use this info for your profit.


Recommendations from the well-known people in your field arouses trust. So do not forget to contact people who know you from work and ask for recommendations. Those eminent people may be your lecturer, or a person from the training, conferences. Indicate recommender’s contact information email address, phone number and a job position. It is advisable to Have two recommenders.

Related to the particular job application

Applying the same CV to every job application is a common mistake. The important rule is that a CV should be related to the content of the job application, it literally means – you have to modify it every time. There is a clear example: if you are applying for the lawyer’s vacancy, do not mention special achievement in playing the piano. Concentrate on your education and experience for the lawyer’s job and include that information.


Creating a resume requires hard work, it takes time, but take into consideration that in today’s world if you want to succeed in the competitive labor market you need  to have a professional CV. It is a golden ticket to get an interview with the employer, to develop yourself, and to reach your career goal. Incorporate the aforementioned tips in your resume, develop your LinkedIn profile and you will get closer to your dream job.

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