Best Investment Courses Available Online

Best Investment Courses Available OnlineMy friend is employed in a leading company in Singapore and yet his finances are in a mess. When the pandemic struck and his father had to be hospitalised for treatments, his savings took a harsh beating and now he has a debt to pay off. The story is not uncommon across today’s generation.

Why are investment courses the need of the hour?

In a survey conducted by Statista in April 2019, the attitude of Singaporean millennials towards investments was highlighted. The survey found that while 71% of the participants wanted to invest for themselves only 38% claimed to have knowledge about investing. (Source:

In another survey conducted by OCBC under its Financial Wellness Index program, 2000 participants, aged 21-65 years polled on the state of their financial health. Here’s what the survey found about their investment habits –

why you need are investment courses

These dismal figures stem from the lack of investment knowledge among millennials.

Unlike mathematics, English or science, investments are not taught in schools. As such, the onus to learn and acquire the required knowledge about investments is yours. You need to make yourself financially literate so that you can manage your finances and make your money work for you. How can you do that?

There are different types of investment courses which you can undertake to educate yourself about the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of investments. Moreover, with the advent of the digital media, you don’t have to attend full time classes to learn. There are online investment courses available which teach you the ‘ABC’ of investing.

Best online investment education courses

With the innovation in education and learning, online investment education courses developed into easy-to-understand tools. Here are some of the best types of online investment education means –

  • Events and Seminars

Many investment education platforms offer events and seminars where financial and investment experts teach participants about the basics of–

  • Investment principles
  • Investment tools
  • Interpreting the markets
  • Investment methodology
  • Financial analysis, etc.

These events and seminars are conducted through webinars wherein you can register your participation online. Many of these seminars are free of cost while some might involve a fee. Every seminar has a different topic and you can attend multiple events to enrich your knowledge about investments.

  • Market Journals

You have the option to access online market journals which detail the different aspects of investments. The journals talk about current market trends and how you can invest in…

  • Market Watch

If you like to watch short summary in video format, Market Watch is for you.  You can get a wide range of investment knowledge on a weekly basis.

How to start learning?

All you need is to make a little time to get started;

  • Choose a suitable learning platform
  • Pick your preferred education program
  • Dedicate at least an hour a day to the selected education program
  • Learn and revise what you learn

How to get expertise on investment?

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, expertise in investment is not a quick affair. With a dedicated approach and a good education program you can steadily gain knowledge about investment and become an experienced investor. The learning process never stops and even the financial market keeps evolving. So, don’t stop learning. Look for new education material regularly and use it to improve your knowledge.

Once you believe you have sufficient knowledge about investments, start managing your money. Take baby steps and invest in different avenues depending on your financial goals and risk appetite.

Monitor your investments and track the returns generated. You can also avail professional help in investments when you start your investment journey. With a continuous learning approach and personal financial management, you can become an expert on investment over time.

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