5 Best Java Hosting Providers

5 Best Java Hosting ProvidersAt present, Java is considered to be amongst the most well-known programming languages out there.

You will come across quite a few frameworks for Java, which makes life easy for the web developers these days.

In case your site is using Java, you must come across a top-quality web hosting service supporting Java.

A powerful hosting environment is provided to the websites by Java web hosting, which includes the most recent server technologies out there. Apart from this, your site will not experience any portability problems while using these hosting services.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to come across an affordable and reliable Java hosting provider at present.

In the following paragraphs, we have thrown light on the top 5 most popular Java hosting providers in 2019.

1. JavaPipe

JavaPipe is compatible with Tomcat 6, 7, as well as 8. It will allow you to have absolute control over the server, which can be achieved by taking advantage of the cloud. In case you choose JavaPipe, you will gain access to as many as 3 plans which are located either in the US or in Europe.

You will get the facility of selecting the location according to your preference, and all these plans provide astounding cloud stability along with SSD storage facilities. The hosting provider likewise offers a user-friendly interface and is flexible as well.

Furthermore, JavaPipe also provides a lucrative 30-day cash back guarantee, which will allow you to use it without any risk at all.

2. HostGator

This well-known Java hosting provider happens to be amongst the most advertised companies right now.

They are known to provide almost every type of web hosting plan as well as domain names. Individuals widely use Their services for creating blogs, online shops, portfolio websites, as well as other company sites.

You’ll come across Windows as well as the Linux-based servers at HostGator.

In case you happen to be a Linux user, it will be possible for you to include Tomcat in your cPanel control panel.

Otherwise, if you opt for Windows, you will be offered an innovative Plesk control panel supporting Tomcat. In case you experience any glitch, it will be possible to come in touch with their support team too. You can contact them using a phone, chat, or ticket.

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3. iPage

Apart from providing cost-effective plans, this Java hosting provider likewise supports the programming language with dedicated hosting plans and powerful VPS.

Moreover, you will likewise receive pre-installed JSP scripts, which will help you concentrate on your work in no time at all.

You can go for their Basic VPS plan by spending only $19.99 every month, and in case you are happy with their service, you can scale the plan up as well. The VPS plans come with a useful cPanel control panel along with managed support, which will assist on time.

4. LiquidWeb

This Java hosting provider has been created for those developers as well as business people who do not mind spending some additional cash for a robust hosting solution on the market.

However, despite being pricey, the support team will provide you with the much-needed assistance as and when required.

There are also quite a few innovative features along with the supported software available in each of their plans. This hosting provider is suggested for all those who like to work on complicated Java-based websites effortlessly.

This top-notch solution will help you stay ahead in the competition and also enhance your SEO rankings considerably. You’ll be able to select from as many as 5 hosting plans which will ensure you of great performance in the long run.

If needed, you can always go for a more powerful plan shortly.

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5. SiteGround

Best Java Hosting ProvidersThis Java hosting provider is one of the most versatile providers at present and has produced some effective solutions for developers, business people, as well as individuals.

Nevertheless, it does not offer many choices, unlike most of the other providers on the market.

In case you’d like to include Java in the package, it will be imperative to go for one of their dedicated plans.

Once you sign up for one of their specialized plans, you can install Java for your work. You will not come across any pre-installed scripts, tools, or anything similar to that.

Moreover, you can also get in touch with their support team round-the-clock if required.

However, you need to pay some additional fees for that.

Let us hope that these 5 amazing Java hosting providers mentioned above will come of use to you.

However, do not hesitate to consider other similar providers on the market as well. For this, you can look at the online reviews from the previous users, which will give you a fair idea to make a sensible decision.

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