3 of the Best Concentrations for Business Majors

Three of the Best Concentrations for Business MajorsThe world of business is always bustling with no shortage of jobs for you to choose from. Business is more than simply ensuring the cash register rings. There’s a lot of individual sectors for you to choose as a specialty. Each of these sectors come with their own unique tasks and responsibilities that require a specific skillset. Here are three of the best concentrations for business majors.


In today’s society, whenever someone thinks of business, their thoughts may immediately shift to the marketing aspect. A business marketer is someone who is in charge of overseeing the development of products, managing the brand and keeping tabs on the sales. To become a marketing professional, you’re going to need a BA in marketing or business administration. You can expect to study about the behavior of consumers, so the business can meet their needs. You will also learn how to incorporate creativity into advertising to increase brand awareness. You’ll learn how to create marketing strategies that help businesses reach their goals. As a marketing manager, you can potentially earn between $65,000 and $160,000 annually.

Business Lawyer

There are several steps to become a lawyer but law is an integral part of every business. That’s why some people go on to be reputable business lawyers. A business lawyer is a person who helps small business owners and CEOs understand their legal rights and settle business-related disputes. They’re also tasked with ensuring each and every business is legal and up to code. Business lawyers are also responsible for assisting their clients with signing contracts and preventing litigation. Compared to most business concentrations, becoming a business lawyer is one of the most challenging. This is because you have to apply for law school with at least a BA in business administration. Law school is expensive, which is why you should opt to get a college scholarship.

A college scholarship is a type of financial aid that’s given to students for good academic performance. However, having the best grades possible isn’t exactly necessary. All you’ll need is to have a decent GPA, which should be at least 3.0. You can find college scholarships pretty easily and apply with the help of an application. Though becoming a business lawyer is a bit harder than most business careers, the payoff is more than worth it. The average pay is at least $85,000 annually and over time, you can net as much as $220,000 annually. It also offers a variety of ways you can practice law.

Computer Information Technology

One field in business that’ll never be out of fashion is computer information technology. Even now, the business industry is becoming more tech savvy by the day. As a tech major, your job is to learn, analyze and develop various information systems. If you choose to participate in this field, you can also expect to study the ins and outs of software and hardware development and maintenance. You can expect to earn at least $130,000 per year if you choose to pursue the technical side of business.

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