Beginners Guide to Learn About Mining Bitcoin!

Beginners Guide to Learn About Mining Bitcoin!Do you know the major difference between fiat currencies and digital currencies? The major difference is that fiat currencies are centralized means controlled by the government, whereas digital currencies are decentralized and don’t involve government or third parties. Another difference is that bitcoins are mined through the process of mining and are not printed whenever required. Because bitcoin is a computer code, there is only a limited supply of it. The demand and supply of bitcoin determine its price.

If you are a beginner, you might be shocked to know that you can make money by mining bitcoins. You can visit to know about the bitcoin mining process in detail.

What is Bitcoin Mining, and what is the need for it?

Bitcoin mining is the process of generating blocks consisting of recorded transactions in a distributed public ledger known as the blockchain. The only major issue with the bitcoin network was “double-spending” crypto tokens. The issue of double-spending means finding consent on the history of bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin network is completely built on mathematical algorithms, and bitcoin ownership can only be proven via public-key cryptography, which is impossible to break by any hacker. In reality, cryptography alone couldn’t make sure or depict that a bitcoin hasn’t been previously used or sent twice.

Earlier no third party was involved in the process of completing transactions, but with the double-spend problem, a third party was required.  Trust on a third party was required to agree upon the time of the creation of bitcoin transactions so that no external input can manipulate the transactions or ledger. The mining process influences incentives to provide a new, trustless and reliable method of ordering transactions and data. In return for ordering the transactions in a decentralized way, the third parties will receive rewards for completing their task in the right behavior.

Miners are the special individuals that do the work of cycling millions of hashes until and unless they find the right one that satisfied their condition, also known as difficulty level. The difficulty is readjusted after every block depending on the time given to solve a block. The hash of the transactions or block is generated by miners, which act as an identifier of specific blocks. Each block has its unique hash, which means even manipulation of even the tiniest block would notice the change in its expected hash. Nodes/computers are known to reject the incorrect hash instantly, and they protect the bitcoin network.

By estimating the difficulty requirements, the bitcoin system generates the electricity and time required to spend in hashing the best combinations to solve algorithms. This is the reason why the consensus protocol of bitcoin is known as “proof-of-work,” which makes it different from all other mechanisms.

What monetary rewards are given to Bitcoin Miners?

The bitcoin network identifies the work done by miners and provides them rewards as an incentive for generating new blocks. There are generally two types of rewards given to miners that include fees that the user pays to complete the transaction on a priority basis and the reward of newly created bitcoins for generating each block. The block reward will get halved in all four years, and in 2008 the reward for mining was 50 BTC, whereas, in 2020, the reward came down to 6.25 BTC. Still, it is a great revenue source for miners who afford to buy good hardware and manage their expenses.

Without miners, the bitcoin network would have existed, but there would be no one to mine new bitcoins and ensures no issue of double-spending. It is estimated that by 2040 the last bitcoin will be mined, and by 20240, the reward would have been come down to 0.2 BTC. Also, because the supply of bitcoin is limited as there are only 21 million bitcoins, out of which around 18.5 million are in circulation, there is only less time that the last bitcoin will be mined.

Even though more than half of the bitcoins are mined, and the block reward decreases, bitcoin mining is still a competitive business. If you know software and computing power, you can make money out of it by mining bitcoins.

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