Becoming a Marketer: What and How to Study

Becoming a Marketer: What and How to StudyIt would seem that there are a huge number of marketers in the world today. But, as practice and real life show, there are few good specialists and their services are expensive. So you don’t have to worry about competition. In fact, it doesn’t exist. Especially if you are a competent specialist who works for the result, and not for the sake of the process.

Today we’ll talk about how to become a good marketer without a specialized higher education.

  1. Read specialized literature

Purpose: to understand the basics of marketing, human psychology and different areas of marketing.

Yes, there are books that quickly lose their relevance, but there are also those that are considered the basics of the basics and allow you to generally understand the specifics of marketing.

  1. Choose courses where there is definitely practice

Purpose: to gain theoretical knowledge and consolidate it on experience, to get a full-fledged portfolio with cases.

If the courses consist only of theory or some practical tasks that are the same for all (just like in school), then this option is not suitable. Training that really gives results is where practice comes first and after each completed module, they literally force everything to be implemented using real examples.

After training, the student should understand the following categories:

  • branding;
  • SEO;
  • work with analytics;
  • launching advertising campaigns (targeting, contextual advertising, working with bloggers);
  • content marketing;
  • copywriting (including storytelling);
  • PR, communications.

By combining theory and practice, you can quickly understand how this area actually works and what you have to do in the future at work. As a rule, novice marketers at this stage understand that selling is quite difficult. And even to become a good SMM manager and make your account popular, it’s not enough for you to just buy likes on Instagram and enjoy big numbers. In the courses, you will understand that achieving success on the Internet requires a lot of effort.

  1. Complete a mentoring program

Purpose: to get real experience, to see how different marketing tools work in reality

Today there are many such programs and often they are absolutely free and work like public ones. It is only important to make sure of the competence of the mentor, his ability to teach and share experience. Because there are very cool and competent specialists, but they do not know how to teach others at all or do not want to devote much time to this.

  1. Get an internship or practice in a company

Purpose: to communicate with experts, to learn different points of view on certain marketing issues, to gain experience.

This is especially true for senior students or recent graduates. Some companies are happy to recruit new marketers and actively train for 2-6 months, hold entire competitions (since not everyone will be able to stay at the enterprise), motivate them to go to case championships and allow students to come out with real cases afterwards.

This practice is popular among international corporations and media holdings. In them, an internship can also be a mentoring program, when 2-3 interns are assigned to 1 specialist and they are engaged at the same time in equal conditions.

  1. Study cases and real examples

Purpose: to find out what tools are used and to solve what problems, analyze and apply it in life.

Sometimes what is written in a book or how information is perceived does not quite correspond to reality. Therefore, it is better to make it a rule to read 5-10 cases a day (they can be easily found on Google), analyze them and write down ideas for yourself, try to understand why it happened and how it can be applied.

  1. Get a job as a junior marketer or marketing assistant

Purpose: to study in detail different marketing tools and work with them.

There is nothing better than real practice. Yes, marketing assistants are paid a little, but at this stage of development, your goal should not be money, but experience and knowledge. It is only important to immediately find out what your work will really consist of and compare this with your requirements for it.


To become a good marketer, one or even two courses are not enough. Here, as in any other business, practice is important. The only thing is that you should not try to immediately study all marketing, as this is an extensive science and it is easy to get confused by the amount of information. It is better to choose one direction first (for example, SMM, email marketing or content marketing) and develop in this area. You will succeed!

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