Advantages and Disadvantages of Living On and Off-Campus

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living On and Off-CampusBefore you head off to college or university, there are a few decisions to make. The first thing is always choosing which one to consider and where it is located. Is it in Manchester, London, Leicester, or somewhere else? After choosing where to study, one of the biggest things to consider is whether you will live on- or off-campus.

We have compiled a list of the pros and cons of living on and off-campus. Of course, you might have some pros or cons of your own, but this article will help you figure out if campus living is right for you or not.

The Advantages of Living Off-Campus

Off-campus living can be less expensive than on-campus accommodation. You are likely to enjoy more independence, liberty, privacy, and space. Private flats are often quieter and have fewer interruptions, making them ideal for studying.

But finding a place can be hard. Let us take Leicester, for example. Leicester is one of the best cities to study in. That is why finding suitable accommodation can be quite troublesome. However, a few organizations like Studentbeehive provide accommodation for students residing in Leicester.

That being said, let us get straight to know the benefits of living off-campus.


It will be easier for you and your roommates to keep an eye on each other, and your neighbors will not be nearby. You and your housemates will have greater privacy as a result of this.


If you are lucky, you will be moving into a home, which means you will have a lot more space to work with. Even better, you will be able to enjoy your own private space! Porches and patios are commonplace in certain homes. So take advantage of the milder weather throughout the academy year by lounging in the sun with your fellow students.

Living Options

Off-campus apartments provide you with additional alternatives for the number of rooms you have. A larger home with more storage and a separate bedroom is a better option than a small apartment. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of apartments.


If you want to have your privacy, you have the option of not having a roommate. Instead of being given a roommate, you can pick who lives with you.


Dorm life has its own set of laws and regulations, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them. If you reside off-campus, you will not follow these rules. Living off-campus can be the best option for you if you want to be more independent and live sustainably.

Transit Costs

If you are thinking about going to Leicester, you can purchase bus tickets that allow you unrestricted travel on participating operators’ services all across the city, which will save you some money.

The Disadvantages of Living off Campus

Here are some of the disadvantages as well.


If you do not live near campus, you can feel isolated from the rest of society since everyone else is there every day. Making new acquaintances and participating in social activities can be more difficult for you. You will not get the whole university experience if you live off-campus.


Choosing the proper place to live can be expensive, especially if you consider studying in Leicester. When you live on your own, you are responsible for all household expenses, including utilities, cable, and phone. You will also have to furnish your new home.


Because your home is not campus, taking classes will require a lengthier walk. A disadvantage of this is that you will have to leave earlier in the morning, which might be annoying.

Travel Time

You will have to drive to the institution if you live away from campus. You will have to pay for petrol or transportation, and you may have to live a long distance from the university. This reduces your time for socializing and studying.

Less Community

The sense of belonging you get from living on campus is one of the best things about it. You and your buddies are often only a few steps away from each other. However, off-campus housing is spread out, so many of your classmates will be long distances away. ‘Many of your pals will no longer be able to come within a reasonable distance of you.

Increased Accountability

You will be expected to take on more adult duties than you have in the past. All of these things add up to an increased level of responsibility that you may not be adapted to.

No Study Place

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the library’s study lounge. The distance can discourage you from doing so. Home study is a possibility, but it can rapidly become tedious.

The Advantages of Living On Campus

On-campus housing might help smooth the transition into student life. If you live on campus, you will have a lot more opportunities to participate in university activities, meet new people, and form new connections. Additionally, students who choose to live on campus benefit from a distinctive way of life.

Meeting New People

Encountering a huge gathering of like-minded individuals is uplifting. It is simpler to adjust to a new circumstance when you have a support team around you. When the going gets rough, your roommates and neighbors pull together intuitively to make you feel like you have got many people watching out for you.


On-campus, it is unusual that you will be traveling alone yourself. Students can roam the grounds at any time, or an escort can be summoned with only a phone call. Every institution has an emergency box on campus, and campus police are constantly nearby.

Access to Gym and Library

You can go to the gym as late as 10:00 p.m. if you like. Additionally, libraries make it simple to organize late-night study sessions for major exams. Finally, if you have a roommate not on the same schedule as you, there are quiet floors where you can concentrate on your studies.


You can get some more sleep because of your class schedule and the closeness of your classroom. The stress of finding a parking spot and making it to class on time is no longer an issue. Even if you do not have time for breakfast, living on campus can provide you with the opportunity. And if you have a day that is not very busy, you can dash to your dorm and take a little sleep.


On-campus clinics are accessible for emergencies, and many of them are open until the wee hours of the night.


The dining hall, the library, and the computer laboratories are all within a few minutes walk of your dorm room if you reside on campus. You do not have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it to class. Walking everywhere is also good exercise.

Save Money

The dorm costs money, but you can save money on public transit and parking by staying there instead of driving everywhere you go. Some dormitories provide meals, which means you will not have to spend money on food.

The Disadvantages of Living On Campus

Here are some of the disadvantages as well.


Room and board in a dorm might be more expensive than an off-campus apartment, even after subtracting the cost of food.


For the most part, dorm rooms and even the restrooms are shared by many residents. As a result, maintaining a sense of solitude in a dorm room can be a challenge.

Space Constraints

Many dorm rooms are tiny, so you will not have much space for storing things. Since you will have to share, your living quarters will be even more cramped. That means you will have to think carefully about what to bring with you.


Living on campus might be fantastic for your social life, but it can also make it difficult to focus on your studies. If you cannot keep yourself from going out and having fun instead of studying, your result might get affected.

Bad Roommates

You may find it awkward to share a room with someone you have just met since not all roommates are compatible. All first-year students live in the same dormitory. You can find yourself in an unexpected predicament due to the limited quantity of rooms.


You may prefer to use a restroom or shower, depending on your schedule. But common restrooms can sometimes be occupied by others. Also, you will have to clean the bigger, multi-purpose bathrooms yourself in some circumstances.


Now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of living on and off-campus, it is time to make your choice. Go with your instincts, and do not second-guess yourself, if possible. It is a significant choice, but you will get the best university experience you have always wanted if you are prepared. Best of Luck!

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