7 Stages Of Highly Successful Content Marketing

7 Stages Of Highly Successful Content MarketingContent marketing is a fantastic way to increase leads and conversion for your business. Content is a technical way of saying, the formats in which we consume information, which happens throughout every day through various channels. Content marketing is all about understanding what your customers need to help them make decisions and choices in a crowded place.

To understand the difference between unsuccessful and successful content marketing, let’s review the 7 stages to achieving quality content.

1.     Strategic Direction

Understanding what successful content marketing looks like begins with the right strategy. Great strategies will understand the market you operate in, the way your customers are motivated, and how to trigger them to act.

One of the best ways to craft your content marketing strategy is with the assistance of an effective content marketing strategy. This is where a digital agency can be the perfect partner for your business.

Agencies can help you better understand your business, the areas to optimize, and more importantly, the areas that are not worth your time and spend. All of these things will help form a winning content marketing strategy.

2.   Create with the end goal in mind

Content marketing is most successful when it’s measurable and you can learn as your campaign’s progress. Setting clear content marketing targets and measures for your campaigns is key to any successful activity.

Measuring content can be done on metrics like views, clicks, ranking, and conversions, but be sure you set targets you can iterate and optimize.

Understanding how much you plan to invest can also help set goals, for example, to see a positive return on investment you may need a 10-15% increase in conversions online.

Having this target in mind when creating content can make all the difference and bring some contextual awareness to your performance.

3.   Know your customers

Content marketing is most effective when it’s targeted and personalized to your customers. Customer expectations have shifted thanks to an increase in the availability of customer data. Customers are willing to accept access to their data, so long as the result is marketing and offers which are relevant to them.

Before running and content marketing, be sure to do your research and get to know your customers. Targeted and specific content marketing will lead to higher conversions and better performance, as well as finding a like-minded audience and online community.

4.   Create for the platform

Creating content is all about making it fit-for-purpose. Any good content marketing campaign needs to be tailored for the platform it’s on. Optimizing ads and content is simple and doesn’t mean you need to create multiple different offers. Make sure your content is reusable across platforms and when designed, is relevant for an array of channels.

For example, get engaging photography to use across Facebook, Instagram, and your website, rather than having three different shoots. Good content is versatile for multiple campaigns so start repurposing.

5.    Experiment with new areas

Similar to making sure your content is versatile, the key to successful content marketing is being willing to try new channels and platforms. If your content marketing has traditionally been focussed on one or two channels, be willing to try more.

Creating versatile content means you can reuse and experiment across new platforms without risking brand image. Successful content marketing is about raising brand awareness and consideration in new markets as well as established ones.

6.   Learn to recycle

The most successful content creators understand that versatile content is the key to success in campaigns. Simply put, original content can be expensive, time-consuming, and hard to get right.

Successful creators craft content with versatility in mind. Instead of trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole, design your content to fit multiple channels before you create. Think about the brands that you engage with, chances are it is because they have tried something different.

Focussing on reusable content in the design phase can really drive successful outcomes in your campaigns, especially for raising awareness in your brand.

7.    Get feedback and start conversations

The final tip toward successful content marketing is all about talking to your customers. If your customers engage with your content, be genuine, and participate with them. Customers may ask questions or provide feedback, be sure to enter the conversation with them. Content marketing is a great way to gather feedback and build relationships.

The best content marketers use their content as a way to listen and interact with customers, two things that can deliver successful results.

Content marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty with your customers. Creating the right content and making sure you are tracking your results are two tips towards genuine success. To create even more successful content marketing for your brand, try these 7 simple steps.

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