7 Best Web Design Courses Online

7 Best Web Design Courses OnlineDuring a short break from your lectures, assignments, and deadlines, you are thinking about pursuing a new hobby. It is relatively easy to find an online course accessible, affordable, and efficient, so you can be sure that your time was well invested in it. From programming languages to Adobe Photoshop mastery, be ready for hard work to pursue your artistic voice in web design.

Either you have some background knowledge in web design and programming or are new to the whole thing, you can find the courses designed both for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students.

  1. Web design courses on Coursera

The main appeal of web design courses presented on Coursera is that all are free to audit. You can easily find the most convenient course to grasp basics or find the course that will take you to a more advanced level. At the same time, you can easily find the course for learning CSS, HTML, JavaScript, design principles, etc., all on one platform, so you will keep track of them.

The courses are also presented in multiple languages, and if you want to have a certificate, you have to pay a fixed price. We recommend Coursera as your starting point in web design: easy, free, and accessible at any moment.

  1. Online Web Design Training on Lynda

Another example of accessible and comprehensive training materials for beginners. You can watch video tutorials any time and learn more about web coding, designer tools, and UX/UI basics taught by experts in the field. The platform also has a free month trial and useful recommendations algorithm.

Lynda tutorials are not as much as a course, but a helpful additional source for you if you get stuck with some concepts. Although many courses provide their students with sufficient materials, it is always beneficial to have more by your hand.

  1. Code School

It is suitable for intermediate and advanced students in web design. Here you can pick programming courses and learn how to write websites from scratch. If choosing the HTML/CSS Path, you will learn the fundamentals of front-end, user experience, and design. These courses are personalized, and you will have the opportunity to receive in-depth feedback on your progress and assistance if something is not clear.

At the same time, you have unlimited access to course materials, mobile apps, and discussions according to the most convenient plan. You can try a free trial before making your final decision.

  1. Treehouse

The platform offers you more than 300 unique courses and workshops on 23 topics and the possibility to join the Treehouse community. You will also have access to the Treehouse catalog library and interactive quizzes and challenges, which makes these courses fun and informative at the same time. As a student, you acquire knowledge in most common programming languages, typography, color theory, and branding.

Treehouse offers seven days free trial before you have to choose the most convenient plan for you. It is accessible, and you can ask your friends to join you for a group membership discount.

  1. Web design courses on Udemy

Similar to Coursera, Udemy has a collection of online courses available for you after the subscription. However, unlike Coursera, you have to subscribe to the courses, but you still have 30 days money-back guarantee.

You can download all materials and opt-in at any time. At the same time, you may find many additional in-depth courses that provide you with the necessary information. Most courses are beginners friendly and taught comprehensively, so it is another excellent option for those who want to learn web design without previous knowledge.

  1. Code Avengers

The platform friendly to anyone from the age of five and up, and it is not an exaggeration. It hosts more than a hundred lessons on HTML, CSS, jQuery, and design. You can learn all tricks of web customization, on the example of the beautiful and responsive website. You can also track your progress and see which topic needs more attention.

You have a ten-day trial that unlocks five lessons of the premium courses, and if you decide to continue studying, only then you will have to subscribe.

  1. Web design courses on Alison

Although some of them still require the subscription for unlocking it, Alison offers many free web design courses. Course details are informative and helpful, you will have access to the course materials anytime, and you receive a certificate.

These courses are helpful as you can find various lessons on everything you need to know about web development, everything from HTML and CSS to Adobe Dreamweaver. However, there is an unlimited number of topics that will come in hand for you while advancing your web design skills.

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