6 Important Questions to Ask When Vetting an SEO Agency

6 Important Questions to Ask When Vetting an SEO AgencySearch engine optimization, or SEO, is the system of increasing your site position and page rank naturally on the internet through quality backlinks and effective keywords. It is the most sufficient way to grow traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it makes your website more striking, and that means more traffic and more chances to convert prospects into clients. It also increases user experience, increasing the chances of a client becoming a repeat buyer.

If you want to grow your business faster online and doing away with a few con artists who leave many hesitant to trust SEO. Doing away with those that don’t meet the company’s needs. Proper consideration must be put in place by asking the following 6 very important questions in your first call to an agency.

6 Important Questions A Company Can Ask an SEO Agency Before Seeking Its Services

  1. What Strategies Do You Have to Help Deliver Results?

An ideal SEO agency has three components in offering its services:

  • Technical SEO: Regarding structure, speed, and code on websites.
  • User Experience: concentrates on enhancing the involvement the users have when they get to a website. It also checks for keyword optimization, navigation.
  • Off-page SEO: concentrates on earning links, lengthening website reach, online brand strength.
  1. What Are SEO’s Best Practices?

  • An SEO agency with an expert understanding is essential to the development of a website to showcase results in search engines
  • An agency that updates many times a year to improve the users’ search experience
  1. Do You Prioritize Mobile?

Considering that it’s already a norm for people to use mobile devices to browse, research, and shop, it’s wise to source for an SEO agency that’s well-versed in mobile-responsive web design and development.

After all, with the world’s population leaning towards mobile browsing, Google is centering algorithms and indexes around the mobile experience.

Look for an agency with a proper process to conduct your site’s mobile audit, and make sure that your SEO agency can tell you why mobile is a significant SEO factor.

  1. How Is the Pricing Structure?

Depending on the kind of requirements, SEO agencies charge either on retainer, a flat fee, or on a partial flat fee basis.

Flat fees are best for the following projects:

Technical audits for:

  • Finding broken links and duplicate content
  • Improving site architecture
  • An on-page component that recognizes and aims at popular search terms to strengthen website content

Partial flat fees are fit for the following projects:

  • A custom SEO checklist after consulting
  • Regular check-ins but not a must on reporting or deliverables that are set in stone

A monthly retainer fee is suitable for:

  • A website needing a defined number of hours per month
  • A list of improvements, fixes, or link building to work monthly
  • A report which is Results-based
  1. Are Their Progress Reports and How Often Will They Discuss Them

Get an SEO agency that presents your website’s results in a way that’s relevant and clear.

Regarding the frequency of SEO reports, these are typically influenced by the size of your project. Clients receive monthly or quarterly updates, but for short-term flat-rate projects, updates are usually more constant.

A good agency is willing to provide samples of their progress reports. This enables you to see if their method of reporting is valid and benefits your company’s marketing needs.

  1. What Is Your Philosophy of Approaching SEO To Deliver Results?

The focus should be on SEO techniques that deliver results in the near term as well as in the future. A reputable SEO agency should strictly use only ethical SEO methods and use techniques that work today as well as in the long term.

Custom solutions should be provided based on a company’s requirements that also fit its budget. The agency should be able to deliver results in many industries, including for small and medium businesses. An SEO agency is a marketing agency, and its focus should be to increase a company’s revenue.

Your website is your best marketing tool. Though one relies on customer referrals, a website with great visuals and valuable content can give you an added advantage over your competitors, thus increasing your revenue.

You need to know what the clients are searching for and how you can make sure they find your site.

Website marketing means promoting a business website to help bring in more traffic. The visitors should be people who are likely to purchase the business services or products. More traffic means more opportunities to try to convince potential clients.

Website marketing aims to get on the first page of search results in search engines.

In today’s world, gaining mastery in social media is a big part of growing online. After keen research and consideration on the 6 important questions to ask when vetting an SEO agency, investing in a good SEO agency will help turn traffic increases into revenue and start ranking higher, thus helping the company succeed in search engine optimization.

With a reliable and competent SEO agency, it will be possible for your business to increase its visibility in search results.

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