5 Tips To Take Advantage of Online Learning

5 Benefits of Online Learning

Forced into online class, and wondering why you even have to do it?

Ever just ask yourself why so many students decide to use such beautiful technology for MORE school?

No? Just stress? Begin your online learning journey with us!

Working Student

At one point or another, we’re certain you’ve met or rather experienced being a working student, perhaps in the real estate industry too.

It’s not an easy job to manage both work and school, more so when you only have 24 hours in a day.

After all, normal students can’t even manage to finish all of their schoolwork in 24 hours.

The Case of a Working Student in Online Classes

Well, online classes take care of that problem!

No more travelling between work and school, and you could take responsibilities from ACROSS THE BORDER!

Oh, and has anyone mentioned the charm of now being able to do office work in the middle of a boring class? We don’t advise that you do so, though. 

Schedule Both Work and School

That is, you’re able to make your own schedule and have no interferences between all your commitments!

Be Attentive in Lectures

Hey, we’ve got a question for you: How many times have you missed a lecture?


What about this: How many times have you attended a lecture and didn’t understand a thing?

Right, shout out to those who are majoring in hard science and mathematics; we totally get it!

And we know it hasn’t just happened once.

Repeating Class Recordings and Practice Exams

With online learning, you’re able to repeat the lecture and immediately go back to those parts you weren’t able to understand.

If your professor was actually nice enough to provide a class recording. 

This also means you could take similar practice examinations to those which were given during the lecture.

Basically, if you’ve got enough discipline and guts for online learning, you don’t have to miss a class ever again!

Time Management

Another benefit to online classes is having control of your own time!

We choose which tasks are to be delegated on a certain time block, and we’re able to schedule what time we’re to do such tasks

Except for responsibilities at home, we guess. 

But you see, we have more control of our time now that the external factors have significantly reduced.

Avoiding Distractions

If you’re disciplined enough to turn off your phone, you won’t ever have to worry about people inviting you out!

Oh, and you have full control of when you want to watch that class recording, and do your homework and practice exams!

If you were one of those people who were having a difficult time managing their time, we strongly suggest that you try time blocking and categorizing your tasks based on their urgency and level of priority.

Highest level of priority and urgency first!

Build the Habit

Oh, and for the love of everything above, we strongly advise you actually try sticking to a time management strategy for at least 21 days.

Online classes provide us with this opportunity, and it’s now our job to take it!

We’ve heard of so many students giving up on trying a strategy before the habit actually starts to build.

Don’t be a procrastinator!

That false sense of productivity and adrenaline you receive an hour before a deadline? That’s stress talking.

Take Your Class Anywhere and Everywhere

One of the most impactful benefits we think online classes have is that students are now able to take their classes anywhere and everywhere!

Not only does this allow students to attend their class in the middle of a date that they’ve scheduled last minute, it also allows the school to reach more students.

You couldn’t exactly attend an Ivy School from the other side of the world if you weren’t actually there right?

Yeah, you thought so.

Free Online Courses

A few Ivy Schools actually open up free registration to special classes. Can’t be there physically? Be there mentally!

We know we’ve personally taken a few chemistry classes online, and it’s all worth the trouble of making the time to fit itin our schedules.

Thinking of taking a special course online? This is your sign!

Connections and Networking

Confident or not, a lot of us would benefit from meeting other people and building our connections!

In real estate, we all know it’s the key to success! Take advantage of technology and dominate  your field!

Meeting With Important People

In a regular face to face setting, it gets a little bit difficult to schedule appointments with important people.

Well, that can easily be bridged with online learning!

From our experience, we’ve met a lot of international experts through activities online during online learning!

Perhaps we could actually meet you, too!

Invest on Experiences

All we really want to say is invest in those experiences you’re able to reach with online learning.

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but with the right adjustments, you’ll see just how much you’re able to do with such technology!

Send an email to that intellectual you’ve always wanted to talk to and see if you get a response!

One of the main points of technology was to provide for better communication, use it to your advantage!


Online classes could take a little bit more adjustment, and we don’t deny that there’s definitely a LEARNING CURVE.

In fact, we’re still trying to grasp it, too!

But you know what, with the right resources, it’s totally possible.

Perhaps we’ll be able to meet you virtually, as well!

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