5 Questions You Need to Ask About Day Boarding Schools

5 Questions You Need to Ask About Day Boarding SchoolsWhen you are choosing a day boarding school for your child, you want to be sure that you are making the right decision and selecting an institution that will bring out the best in them. Searching for schools online can be confusing as it can be hard to distinguish a day boarding school from others merely through virtual comparisons.

It is, therefore, crucial that you pay a visit to the school that appeals to you and make a list of questions you need clarity on to build faith in the institution. Conversating with faculty members and staff can be of great help and can help you get insights into a day boarding school.

Below is a list of essential questions you must ask about day boarding schools before you make the final decision:

  1. What accreditation does your school have?

A good day boarding school will be a member of regulatory bodies such as The Boarding Schools Association and the Independent Schools Council, so the first question to ask is whether the school is a member of these. These organizations regularly monitor their member schools, assessing every aspect of them – from the quality of teaching to discipline, and even the extra-curricular activities offered. Such monitoring will give you peace of mind that the school lives up to the high standards laid down by these associations.

  1. What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

If your child is going to a day boarding school, you would want to know what he/she will do after the classes and what are the arrangements for extra-curricular activities. Ask about the timetable of activities offered, so that you can make sure that your child will be given opportunities in whichever field they desire. If they have a talent for music, for instance, you’ll want to know what music groups and lessons are available for them to take part in, and so on.

  1. How is the security of your campus?

Sending your child to another place for the whole day is not an easy task. You need the day boarding school to take full responsibility for your child. Security on the campus is usually one of the prime concerns of most parents. Make sure their answer makes you feel comfortable about sending your child to a day boarding school.

  1. What type of medical facilities does the school offer?

You need to be assured that in case of injury or illness, your child will be taken care of with the required medical facilities in time. Ask the day boarding school about the provision of sick rooms and trained nurses. How close is the nearest hospital, and how will the medical emergencies be handled? Check the school’s track record on handling emergencies in the past.

  1. How do you handle discipline issues?

Ask the day boarding school about how they act in case of a disciplinary issue. It says a lot about a school’s value system and approach towards child behavior. Ask about what values your child will develop during his/her time in the day boarding school and how will it affect their mental growth.

Day Boarding School: The Perfect Start to Your Child’s Future

Day boarding schools are a preferred option among many parents as they let the students experience freedom away from home as well as instill in them responsible behavior. A day boarding school helps students develop critical thinking skills and makes them socially active and aware at the same time. Reputable residential schools such as Genesis Global school provides its resident scholars with an option of 5-day boarding or 7-day boarding a week according to preference. They offer separate air-conditioned residences for boys and girls with personal attention, care, and reliable security.

So, before enrolling your child in a day boarding school, make sure you have no doubts in mind, and the school is the right match for them.

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