5 Easy Online LLC Formation Tools

5 Easy Online LLC Formation ToolsA limited liability corporation (LLC) is a business structure that enables small business owners to register their new business as an official company. This structure offers many great benefits, including the separation of personal assets from company assets to protect you from personal liability, great taxation benefits, and flexible profit distribution. What’s more, the paperwork required for maintaining an LLC is minimal, although requirements do vary by state.

Why Use an LLC Formation Service?

While you can form an LLC without professional help, the process is time-consuming and will detract from other important tasks such as branding your business, organizing a marketing campaign, and tending to potential and current customers. For this reason, many new business owners opt to work with an LLC formation service instead of going it alone.

An LLC formation service is a company that helps small businesses collect and file the required paperwork in order to become an LLC. In addition to helping companies get registered, some LLC formation companies offer services related to running an LLC; these may include report generation and formation and secretarial services.

What to Look for in an LLC Formation Service

There are so many LLC formation services to pick from that it can be hard to know which is the best option for your business. Following are some criteria to bear in mind when choosing a company to help you file LLC-related paperwork.


Some LLC formation services cost more than others. If you have a limited budget, you’ll likely want to pick the most affordable service; however, it’s important to bear in mind that the company with the lowest price tag isn’t always the most affordable option. You may need certain services an LLC formation company offers at a later date, so assess service packages carefully to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Ease of use

The whole point of using an LLC service is to save yourself time, so you can focus on business growth rather than legalities. To this end, you’ll want to pick an LLC service with a user-friendly interface and good customer service.


The future success of your business depends on filing your paperwork right the first time. Carefully read the customer reviews for any company you are considering working with to ensure the company is reputable, honest, and reliable. You’ll also want to see how long the company has been in business and if the firm has experience working with new business owners in your state and industry.

Extra features

Many LLC formation tools offer extra features that can benefit your business. While you want to avoid paying extra for features you don’t need, it’s wise to consider your long-term needs and the benefits of outsourcing certain services to a competent professional.

Most LLC formation services have packages at various price points. Check out each one carefully to see which one is the best deal for your firm. You’ll also want to make sure any package is scalable to allow for adjustments to services provided at a later date.

Online LLC Formation Tools

Each of the following five online LLC formation tools has much to offer. Consider the pros and cons of each service to determine if one could be the partner you’re looking for to help you set up a new business.

1. LegalZoom


LegalZoom has a winning track record for providing fast, efficient services to customers. It’s user-friendly and there is even a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not entirely happy with the company’s work.

In addition to LLC formation services, the company offers legal agent services, annual reports, licenses, tax services, and more. If you need an attorney at any point in time, the company has a network of qualified professionals who can help you deal with a range of business-related legal issues.

LegalZoom is also affordable. The cost of starting an LLC filing application is $75 in addition to fees charged by the state where you are setting up your new company. The cost of other services varies depending on the type of services you need and how long you need them.

  1. Tailor Brands

tailor brands

Tailor Brands provides a basic LLC formation package that includes name availability search and LLC filing for only $49. Other services, including registered agent services, obtaining an EIN, and annual compliance, can be added to the basic package for an additional fee. In addition to LLC formation, Tailor Brands also offers branding services such as logo generation, domain name registration, website design, and business mailbox services.

Tailor Brands gets high marks from customers from a range of states and industries. It is efficient, fast, and offers great customer service. The site is easy to use; however, it’s not easy to see the cost of service up-front, as the prices are only displayed once you start the online LLC formation process. As you go through the process; however, the price for each service is clearly listed and there are no hidden costs.

  1. Nolo


Nolo, which is best known for offering a range of legal services, offers three LLC formation packages for new business owners to pick from. The basic package is a mere $49 and includes a range of helpful services, including automatic error checking to ensure your forms are 100% correct before they are submitted for approval. The basic package also includes customer service phone support and a guide to formalizing your LLC. The standard package, which is $149, includes an IRS application for an EIN plus business forms. The main advantage of the premium package, which costs a hefty $299, is that it offers priority rush filing. Instead of spending up to three weeks waiting for final approval, your package will be approved after seven to ten business days.

Nolo has an average 4.4-star review rating and rave reviews from hundreds of clients. The site is easy to use, the filing process is simple, and the basic package offers services not typically provided by other basic LLC formation packages.

  1. Zen Business

zen business

As the name implies, Zen Business is a business suite that offers a range of helpful services in addition to LLC formation, including professional help with compliance, taxes, and accounting. If you need help in these fields but don’t want to hire one or more full-time employees to manage your books, Zen Business will likely be your partner of choice.

Zen Business offers various LLC formation packages. The basic package starts at $49 and includes name search, verified filing, and expert support. An operating agreement template is an additional $49. Expedited filing costs between $49 and $99. Registered agent services are also available, and the site has rave reviews for providing top-quality services at a great price.

  1. Swyft


Swyft, like most LLC formation services, offers a $49 basic package. However, it stands out from other, similar companies for providing a range of a-la-carte services that make it easy for any new business owner to get a company up and running without undue delay. These include registered agent services, electronic delivery of state documents, customized digital corporate kit, and custom marginalized minutes. The cost of an agent is high at $149 a year, but other add-ons are very reasonably priced. Furthermore, Swyft gets high marks for providing a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for business owners to keep track of document filings.

Professional LLC formation is well worth the expense, as it can save a new business owner a lot of time, hassle, and paperwork problems. If you’re looking for help in this field, consider the options outlined above to see which service would best meet your current and long-term needs. Choosing the right business partner can help you get your business off the ground easily and enable you to reach your business goals faster than would have otherwise been possible.

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